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Scritta da: TBC

Part of Me è l'undicesima del quarto alcun della band Evanescence, The Bitter Truth. Il titolo provvisorio assegnato a questa traccia era "Pickle Mustard"[1][2]. The song details Amy's move from grief to re-embracing the magic of life. She explained the song in her Kerrang! cover story in March 2021:[3]

Vin1.jpg The more losses that we face, the more difficult it is to still have that abandon, to have that freedom and that childlike hope. And it's always a fight to come back to it and go, 'No, I'm not gonna let it go.' Just like in Part of Me, don't let a sweet dream die, I'm not gonna give up. That song is about that. I'm not gonna stay down. I'm still gonna have the belief in the magic. I really have to keep choosing that. It's hard, you have to talk about the struggle of that. I do for to be honest. It's always been a struggle. When you have a fresh loss, it's hard again and you kind of become fragile, standing in the doorway and like you're afraid to believe, you're afraid to get your heart broken again when you get hurt. Vin2.jpg


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Part of Me

  • Periodo di registrazione: luglio - novembre 2020
  • Stato: Pubblicata
  • Pubblicata su: The Bitter Truth (Track #11)
  • Durata: TBC



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