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Imperfection is available in english. See the article

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Informazioni generali

Scritta da: A. Lee, W. B. Hunt, T. McCord, J. Majura, W. Hunt e T. McLawhorn

Imperfection è la secidesima traccia e lead single dell'album remix Synthesis degli Evanescence. La traccia fu inizialmente pubblicata in formato digitali il 15 settembre 2017 nonostante diverse voci di corridoio avessero fatto intendere per il 5 settembre 2017[senza fonte]. Imperfection fu diffusa illegalmente sul web già dal 4 settembre, ma la Sony BMG intervenne immediatamente per eliminare tutti i contenuti illegali. Questa è la prima canzone composta dagli Evanescence etichettato come explicit (dai contenuti espliciti) ed è anche la prima ad annoverare tra i cuoi compositori anche la chitarrista Jen Majura[1].

Il 14 settembre 2017, il giorno prima della pubblicazione del singolo, fu trasmesso in streaming sulla pagina ufficiale di Facebook degli Evanescence un'esibizione live della canzone ed una sessione di domande e risposte insieme ai fan. Un fan chiede quale fosse stata l'ispirazione dietro la canzone e questa fu la risposta[2]:

Vin1.jpg We had the music for a few months before I could figure out what the lyrics were going to be. It's hard to force yourself to feel. Then I couldn't deny what was going on inside me anymore, even though its so fucking hard to talk about. The loss. The loss to suicide. The pain and the connection we have to make with each other. Never stop fighting for your life. Life is worth it, it's impossibly hard sometimes but we have a purpose here, and it's impossibly beautiful sometimes too. Give it that chance. Stay. And what makes us different is what makes us US. Our flaws are our beauty. Vin2.jpg

Imperfection fu eseguita live per la prima volta durante il concerto al Pearl Concert Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada; Prima tappa del Synthesis Live tour tenutosi il 14 ottobre 2017[3].


Versioni in studio:


  • Data di pubblicazione: 2017
  • Stato: Pubblicata
  • Pubblicata su:
Imperfection Single (traccia #1)
Synthesis (Track #16)
  • Durata: 4:22

Imperfection (instrumental)

  • Data di pubblicazione: 2017
  • Stato: Pubblicata
  • Pubblicata su:
Synthesis (Delux)
  • Durata: 4:22

Versioni live:

Imperfection [Synthesis Live]

  • Periodo di esecuzione: 14 ottobre 2017 - presente
  • Esempi: Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV (14 ottobre 2017)


The more you try to fight it
The more you try to hide it
The more infected rejected you feel alone inside it
You know you can't deny it
The world's a little more fucked up every day

I'm gonna save you from it
Together we'll outrun it
Just don't give into the fear
So many things I would have told you if I knew
that I was never gonna see you again
I wanna lift you up in to the light that you deserve
I wanna take your pain in to myself so you won't hurt

Don't you dare surrender
Don't leave me here without you
Cause I could never replace your perfect imperfection

The way you look us over
Your counterfeit composure
Pushing again and again and sinking lower and lower
The world is on our shoulders
Do you really know the weight of the words you say?

You want a little of it
You just can't let go of it
You've got an ego to feed
Too late to rise above it
Don't look now but the little girl's got a grenade
I'm gonna lift you up in to the light that you deserve
I'm gonna take you down to the real world so you can watch it burn

Don't you dare surrender
Don't leave me here without you
Cause I could never replace your perfect imperfection

We stand undefined
Can't be drawn with a straight line
This will not be our ending
We are alive, we are alive

Don't you dare surrender
Don't leave me here without you
Cause I could never
replace your perfect imperfection
Don't you dare surrender
I'm still right beside you
And I could never replace your perfect imperfection


Il video di Imperfection.

Il video della canzone fu diretto da Paul Brown negli studi di Los Angeles, il 15 settembre 2017. Some behind the scenes teaser videos and photos were posted to Evanescence's official Instagram account. Will Hunt and Tim McCord's wife, Dani McCord, posted teasers as well. The music video premiered exclusively on NME on October 19, 2017, before being available on Evanescence's VEVO channel[4]. An exclusive behind the scenes video was later published by Revolver[5].

In this video, Amy is rained on, each band member goes underwater in the tank and there is a small girl who we know as "Rogue". Amy's inspiration for part of the video came from the anime in which Amy if a fan of (source coming soon).

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Amy and Paul Brown explain the story and the visual style they were aiming for[6].

Vin1.jpg Amy: The idea for the Imperfection video was about bringing [the Synthesis album art] to life, and capturing the emotion of the lyrics. Our amazing young actress, Rogue Parker, plays the role of me as a girl, my inner-self. The video is meant to give visual to feeling, an internal picture of processing loss, and life, speaking from an adult's perspective to my past self. Vin2.jpg

Vin1.jpg Paul Brown: This is such a powerful track that resonates on a truly emotional level. The goal we wanted to achieve in the video was to create a visual translation of the music and reveal the meaning in an abstract way. We all struggle in life and need help to get through everything. In this case we wanted to show that sometimes the strength needed to get through has to come from you. Vin2.jpg

Pubblicazione commerciale

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Il singolo è statao pubblicato esclusivamente in formato digitale il 15 settembre 2017.

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