Lost in Paradise Single

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This article is about the digital and physical items released with the single. For the song itself, see Lost in Paradise.
"Lost in Paradise"
Single by Evanescence
from the album Evanescence
B-side "My Immortal"
Released May 25, 2012
Format Digital download
Recorded April–July 2011
Length 4:43
Label Wind-up
Writer(s) Amy Lee
Producer Nick Raskulinecz
Evanescence singles chronology
"Made of Stone"
"Lost in Paradise"
"The Other Side"
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The "Lost in Paradise" single was released off the album Evanescence on May 25, 2012.[1] This is what Amy said about its release some days later:

Vin1.jpg Q: Three days ago the single for "Lost in Paradise" was released, wasn't it?

Amy: I think so. The label's doing whatever it wants, so it's difficult for me to see what's happening. (laughs) Lost in Paradise is one of my favourite songs of the record, it's good it's been chosen as a single. We'll definitely shoot a video for it. When, finally, we'll be home again for five, six weeks, we'll find the time to do it. For me a single is not a proper one until there's its recorded video.

Q: In the single a live version of the old ballad "My Immortal" was added...

Amy: That was not me! I've never agreed to this choice, it was decided by the label.

Q: So you were against it?

Amy: Yes, I'd never pay something for a single featuring the single song only. I would've focused on new music. Recently, they don't ask me if I can release them or not. Simply, they release whatever shit they want.

Q: From what you're saying, you must have pretty big quarrels with the label, right?

Amy: There always have been. (laughs) It's always a struggle if you love what you do. The reason I'm here is that I love to make music, I love our fans, I'm happy to make music I like. When it's all about business, it's frustrating. [...] It's enough to look in the right direction and remember the most important things: the concerts, the music, the fans. That's why I know few things about this single, but I hope it'll have the chance to estabilish. No, I don't hope, I'll ensure this song will get the attention it deserves.[2]


After the song was released as a single, the song debuted and peaked at number 71 on the Austrian Singles Chart on June 8, 2012; it stayed on the chart for one week.[3]

Commercial releases

Digital single

Status: Released
Label: EMI Germany
Cat.no: -

  1. "Lost in Paradise" (4:43)
  2. "Lost in Paradise" [Live] (5:01)
  3. "My Immortal" [Live] (4:25)
  • The live songs aired on December 7, 2011 at Sirius XM Radio.

Industry promotional releases

UK radio promo

Status: Out of Print
Label: Wind-up/Virgin Records
Cat.no: none

A press kit promo housed in a plastic cover with a sticker.

  1. "Lost in Paradise" [Radio edit] (3:51)
  • In this radio edit version the piano intro is cut. The song received more drums, digital effects and is faster and poppier than the album version.

Digital radio promo

Status: Released
Label: Wind-up - (EMI)
Cat.no: -

Promotional single in digital format, released exclusively to radio.[3]

  1. "Lost in Paradise" [Album version] (4:44)