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October 19, 2017

October 17, 2017

  • Evanescence played at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona.

October 15, 2017

  • Evanescence performed at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California.
  • Speak to Me was played live for the first time, making this the first original solo song by Amy Lee to be performed at an Evanescence show.

October 14, 2017

  • The first show of Synthesis Live began today at the Pearl Concert Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • The Synthesis album was played in full, along with a medley intro of Amy's favorite classical pieces before Overture. This included La strada by Nino Rota, La Chasse by Mozart, Pavane by Gabriel Faure, Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, Adagio Cantabile by Beethoven, Lacrimosa by Mozart and Sally's Song by Danny Elfman.
  • Good Enough and Swimming Home were performed after Imperfection as the encore.

October 13, 2017

  • Episode three of Inside Synthesis is published on YouTube about Amy Lee's harp teacher coincidentally being asked to play on the record.

October 10, 2017

  • The song length for the Synthesis version of Lacrymosa was revealed on iTunes as 3:42. Because of this there is speculation that it might be the next single.

October 3, 2017

  • Evanescence announced their Australian tour dates on Facebook with four dates in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in February 2018.
  • Amy Lee held a Synthesis listening party with fifty fans at Steinway Hall in New York. A live interview was streamed on Facebook, along with an acoustic performance of Good Enough in celebration of The Open Door's eleventh anniversary.

October 2, 2017

  • Evanescence added two new dates for the European Synthesis tour; Kongress Center in Prague, Czech Republic on March 17th and Palais 12 in Brussels, Belgium on April 8th.


September 29, 2017

September 28, 2017

  • Evanescence announced that they will be touring Australia in February 2018. The exact dates will be confirmed on October 5th.

September 16, 2017

September 15, 2017

  • Evanescence's brand new single, Imperfection, is released today to download and stream.
  • The pre-order links for Synthesis were released online, including the digital copy, CD, CD/DVD, box set (including Synthesis songbook) and LP.
  • The track list was confirmed to have 16 songs, including 3 new instrumental pieces and two new full songs, Imperfection and Hi-Lo.
  • European Synthesis dates were announced, spanning fifteen dates over March and April 2018.
  • Evanescence published episode one into the making of Synthesis on YouTube.


August 18, 2017

August 17, 2017

August 14, 2017

  • Evanescence announced the first of the Synthesis tour dates in the US and Canada that will launch on October 14th and span until December 19th.
  • Pre-sales of the tickets, including VIP, begin on August 15th and every ticket sold will come with a download of the album when it's released.
  • The first Synthesis single, Bring Me to Life, will be released on August 18th.


July 26, 2017

  • Jen Majura's crowd funding campaign is launched today for her second solo album, InZENity. It includes special packages to buy her previous solo album, a Skype guitar lesson, stage clothes and much more.

July 9, 2017

  • Evanescence concluded their European tour at the Palladium in Cologne, Germany.

July 8, 2017

  • Evanescence played at Z7 Summer Nights Open Air in Pratteln, Switzerland.

July 6, 2017

  • Evanescence played at Rock For People in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.

July 4, 2017

  • Evanescence played at Milano Summer Festival in Milan, Italy.

July 2, 2017

  • Evanescence played at Rockwave Festival in Athens, Greece. Before their set, Amy Lee posted on social media that she had met Epica's lead singer, Simone Simons, and that they have lots in common with each other.


June 30, 2017

  • Evanescence played at Hills of Rock in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

June 29, 2017

  • Evanescence played at Arenele Romane in Bucharest, Romania.

June 26, 2017

June 24, 2017

June 23, 2017

  • Evanescence played at Club A2 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

June 21, 2017

  • Evanescence played at Trakai Island Summer Festival in Trakai, Lithuania.

June 20, 2017

June 18, 2017

  • Evanescence played at Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel, Belgium. Before their set, Amy Lee joined Ugly Kid Joe on stage to sing Cat's in the Cradle with them.

June 17, 2017

  • Evanescence played at the Poppodium 013 in Tilburg, Netherlands.

June 14, 2017

  • Evanescence played their second show at the Eventim Apollo in London, UK.

June 13, 2017

  • Evanescence played at the Eventim Apollo in London, UK.

June 10, 2017

June 7, 2017

  • Evanescence kicked off their European tour at Caribana Festival in Crans-près-Céligny, Switzerland.
  • Say You Will was performed live for the first time.


May 23, 2017

May 22, 2017

  • Jen Majura announced that she will be working on a new solo album called InZENity and will be released in November this year.

May 10, 2017

  • Evanescence announced their brand new album, Synthesis, which will be a reworking of previous material and two new songs to include only orchestra and electronica. The album and the tour will be expected this fall.

May 4, 2017

  • Evanescence concluded their South American tour at the Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile.


April 28, 2017

  • Voice From The Stone, featuring Speak To Me by Amy Lee, is out today to stream, download and watch in selected US theaters.

April 27, 2017

  • At a press conference in Ecuador, Evanescence confirmed that a more "traditional" album will be made after the upcoming "special project".
  • Evanescence perform their first ever show in Ecuador at Ágora de la Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana in Quito.

April 20, 2017

  • Evanescence performed their first show of the South American tour at NET Live Brasilia in Brasilia, Brazil.


March 22, 2017

March 20, 2017

  • Amy Lee was interviewed by AOL's BUILD Series and confirmed that her next focus will be on Evanescence. She said once again that the band are working on "something different" and didn't go into detail, but the release date will be later in the year.
  • She also confirmed that Evanescence will be active throughout 2017 to 2019 and she's not sure what will happen after that.

March 18, 2017

  • Amy Lee announced that she will be featured on AOL's BUILD series again, talking about Speak To Me, Voice From The Stone and more.
  • Legends & Lyrics announced that they will release a downloadable video of Amy Lee's episode in the next thirty days.

March 17, 2017

  • Amy Lee releases new single Speak To Me, the closing title song from the upcoming movie, Voice From The Stone.

March 8, 2017

  • Evanescence announce new show at Vivo X El Rock Festival in Lima, Peru on April 29th.


February 21, 2017

  • The Twitter account for the movie, "Blind", confirmed that one of the songs Amy Lee worked on for the score is called Through Your Eyes.

February 17, 2017

February 10, 2017

  • Amy Lee releases new single, Love Exists, a cover of the original titled "L'amore esiste" by Italian singer, Francesca Michielin.


January 31, 2017

  • Evanescence announce two new shows in Russia; Club A2, St. Petersburg on June 23rd and Stadium Live, Moscow on June 24th.

January 26, 2017

  • Evanescence announce new show at the Ágora de la Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana in Quito, Ecuador on April 27th.

January 24, 2017

  • Evanescence announce second new show at the Eventim Apollo on June 13th due to popular demand.

January 12, 2017

January 11, 2017

  • Evanescence announce new show at the Palladium in Cologne, Germany on July 9th.



December 23, 2016

  • All of the animated music videos for Dream Too Much are now available to watch on Amazon Prime. The videos are currently available for US Prime members only.

December 14, 2016

  • In an interview with Kerrang! Magazine issue 1650, Amy Lee said that Evanescence are working on two ideas at once and have two different release plans. It's still not confirmed yet what they're working on.

December 9, 2016

  • Evanescence announced that The Ultimate Collection box set has been delayed until January 2018. To make up for the disappointment, Amy Lee will sign an exclusive poster for every person who pre-ordered and post it immediately.


November 23, 2016

  • Evanescence concluded their US fall tour at The Paramount in Huntington, New York. The concert was live streamed online on multiple social media platforms.

November 19, 2016

  • In an interview on, Director and Producer Sasha Pezenik confirmed that Amy Lee, Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer have contributed music to the upcoming documentary film, "I Am Her", about New York City's transgender underclass.

November 2, 2016

  • Evanescence announced that their last show of the tour at The Paramount in Huntington, New York, will be streamed online through Live Nation.


October 28, 2016

  • Evanescence performed their first show of the US fall tour at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas, Texas. They played a brand new song called Take Cover, covered Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana" and played Breathe No More live for the first time since 2004.

October 13, 2016

  • Amy Lee attends the "Blind" movie premiere at Woodstock Film Festival.

October 11, 2016

  • Evanescence released the pre-order link for their vinyl box set.

October 4, 2016

  • Dream Too Much won a Family Choice Award in the Music and Audiobooks category.


September 30, 2016

September 29, 2016

  • Amy Lee announced that she and her father, John Lee, will be performing tracks from Dream Too Much on The Absolutely Mindy Show on September 30th at 9:30AM ET.

September 28, 2016

  • Amy Lee announced that she will be appearing on AOL's BUILD Series in New York on September 30th to discuss Dream Too Much and more.

September 22, 2016

September 14, 2016

September 7, 2016


August 22, 2016

  • In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, Evanescence announced a US fall tour that will span over sixteen dates in October and November 2016.

August 17, 2016

  • Amy Lee announced that she's releasing a new children's album titled Dream Too Much and will be released exclusively on Amazon where you can pre-order a digital or CD copy. She posted a link to the first single, Dream Too Much, on YouTube.

August 12, 2016

  • Evanescence announced new show at Kink Music Festival in Orlando, Florida on November 12, 2016.


May 2, 2016

  • Evanescence plays at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida.

May 1, 2016

  • Evanescence plays at SunFest in West Palm Beach, Florida.


April 11, 2016

  • Amy Lee posted a small clip working on music for Voice From the Stone on YouTube.

April 30, 2016

  • Evanescence plays at the House Of Blues in Orlando, Florida.


March 18, 2016

  • Evanescence announced three new shows in Florida next month after confirming that they won't be playing at Moonstone Music Festival's rescheduled dates.

March 16, 2016

  • Moonstone Music Festival announced it's had to postpone the festival until the weekend of September 24th - 25th due to "a major cyber fraud crime". No confirmation yet if Evanescence will attend the rescheduled dates.


February 19, 2016



December 15, 2015

  • Amy Lee released her fourth cover song, "Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing", originally by Chris Isaak, on YouTube.

December 1, 2015

  • Amy Lee released her third cover song, "Going to California", originally by Led Zeppelin, on YouTube.


November 21, 2015

  • Evanescence play OzzFest to finish off the first set of shows following the hiatus. 2016 tour dates are soon to be announced.

November 13, 2015

  • Evanescence played their first live show in three years at the Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Jen Majura played live with the band for the first time.
  • New Way to Bleed was performed live for the first time.

November 10, 2015

  • Amy Lee released her second cover song, "With or Without You", originally by U2, on YouTube.


October 27, 2015

  • Amy Lee released her first cover song, "It's a Fire", originally by Portishead, on YouTube.


August 7, 2015

  • Evanescence announced on Facebook that they have a new guiatarist, Jen Majura, who will be replacing Terry Balsamo. It's currently unknown why Terry left, but it was clear that it was not on bad terms.


July 20, 2015

  • Evanescence announce three new shows in Nashville, Dallas and Los Angeles that will take place before Ozzfest Japan.


April 26, 2015

  • Evanescence announce their first live show in three years at Ozzfest Japan on November 21, 2015.



August 25, 2014

August 11, 2014

  • In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, Amy Lee said that she has no plans to make new Evanescence music for the foreseeable future, but is not done with the band as she likes to keep open-minded.

August 6, 2014

  • Amy Lee announced the soundtrack album, Aftermath, that she and Dave Eggar worked on together for the film, War Story. It will be released digitally on August 25th and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes and Amazon. A 30 second teaser of one of the songs was posted on YouTube.


July 28, 2014


April 15, 2014


March 19, 2014

March 8, 2014


January 18, 2014

  • Amy Lee announced that she and her husband, Josh, are expecting their first child together.



December 7, 2013


November 8, 2013

  • Amy Lee and Paula Cole performed together at the Wellspring Benefit Concert. The set list included a brand new song written by Amy and Dave Eggar called Find a Way.


September 28, 2013

  • Amy Lee announced on Twitter that she and Paula Cole will perform together for the Wellspring Benefit Concert on November 7, 2013 at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, Massachusetts.


March 19, 2013

  • The digital scrapbook for Fallen's ten year anniversary is now available to view on Evanescence's website.

March 4, 2013

  • In celebration of Fallen's ten year anniversary, Amy Lee announced on Twitter that 1,500 copies of the album on vinyl will be released along with a digital scrapbook.


February 14, 2013


January 17, 2013

January 11, 2013

  • Will Hunt will be touring with Device, the new project from Disturbed's David Draiman, whilst Evanescence is on hiatus.



November 9, 2012

  • Evanescence finished their world tour supporting the third album at Wembley Arena, London. The band is now currently on hiatus.


August 13, 2012

  • EMI Music Argentina released six videos of Evanescence performing an acoustic live set at BigFM Kleinstes Konzert der Welt in Germany, originally recorded May 30th.


June 29, 2012


April 11, 2012


February 3, 2012


January 24, 2012

January 21, 2012

  • Evanescence performed at the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas. The concert was recorded for MTV's World Stage.

January 18, 2012

January 12, 2012

  • Official trailer for MHIB is out. Watch it on youtube.

January 6, 2012

  • Made of Stone is going to be in Underworld Awakening! Check out a clip of the remix and other tracks from the movie on YouTube.



December 20,2011


November 4, 2011

  • In some online stores is now available the the preorder of the new single, My Heart Is Broken! The single will be published on November 14 and it will feature 3 versions of the track.


October 11, 2011

  • The Evanescence album is now available at music stores! You can order it at, at iTunes, and in many other CD and online stores!

October 5, 2011

  • It's been announced the next single: My Heart Is Broken. The single will be aired in radio from October 31.

October 4, 2011


September 27, 2011

September 14, 2011

  • The French fanclub was able to hold a special interview with Amy Lee during a visit to Paris to promote the new album.

September 13, 2011

September 10, 2011


August 9, 2011

  • Evanescence has released their first single [[What You Want] ] for purchase from the upcoming album due for release in October.

August 8, 2011

  • The band performed their new single What You Want live for the first time on MTV. A group interview also took place after the performance.


July 11, 2011

  • MTV News published a new interview with Amy Lee which also gives fans a preview of the band's comeback single What You Want

July 8, 2011

  • MTV News will be offering a sneak peek of the first single from the new album on their website on July 11,2011.

July 2, 2011

  • Evanescence will be performing in Puerto Rico for the first time. Tickets are on sale now.


June 27, 2011

MTV published the second part of an interview with Amy Lee. It further discusses the new album as well has including some details about the first single from the record. An audio clip discussing the single can be found here.

June 24, 2011

Amy's rendition of Halfway Down The Stairs will finally appear on The Green Album. The compilation will be released on August 23, 2011.

June 23, 2011

MTV published an interview with Amy Lee about the new album. An audio snippet from the telephone interview can also be heard here.

June 22, 2011

  • Kerrang Magazine featured an exclusive interview with Amy Lee. According to the article the band's third album will be a self-titled release (Evanescence).

June 20, 2011

  • featured a new interview with Amy Lee discussing the next album and the band.

June 13, 2011

  • Amy Lee announced on twitter that the band will be releasing their third studio album on October 4th, 2011. She also confirmed that Troy McLawhorn is once again a member of Evanescence.



May 9, 2011


April 4, 2011


February 26, 2011

  • Amy Lee announced on EvThreads that the band are getting together to start pre-production on the third album



September 7, 2010


August 25, 2010

Restore freedom.PNG

August 24, 2010

  • Ben Moody posted an open letter on EvBoard explaining exactly what happened when he left Evanescence and asking the fans not to cause more drama.


July 19, 2010

  • Legends & Lyrics published a thirty-seconds short clip featuring part of the performance of Your Love.

July 2, 2010

  • Vote for Evanescence being in the next edition of Rock in Rio in 2011. Click here to vote now!


June 21, 2010

  • Amy Lee posted on EvThreads that Evanescence have temporarily taken some time out of the studio to "get into the right creative space" and that Wind-Up Records are "going through some very uncertain times".


April 27, 2010

  • On Twitter, Amy revealed the existence of Evanescence first "professional" recording[1]. The tracks in the cassette are Understanding and Solitude[2].


March 24, 2010

  • A video's been published on twitter, it features Amy playing the piano part for a new song.

March 23, 2010


July 2, 2010

  • Vote for Evanescence being in the next edition of Rock in Rio in 2011. Click here to vote now!


April 27, 2010

  • On Twitter, Amy revealed the existence of Evanescence first "professional" recording[3]. The tracks in the cassette are Understanding and Solitude[4].


March 24, 2010

  • A video's been published on twitter, it features Amy playing the piano part for a new song.

March 23, 2010

March 19, 2010

  • Evanescence published a short video about the recording sessions; the vid contains a short clip of a new song being recorded.

March 6, 2010

  • Spin Magazine features an exclusive interview with Amy Lee regarding the new music. Amy has also posted a video message addressing the Chillean Earthquake Tragedy to those who are affected.


February 8, 2010

  • Amy announced on Twitter that Evanescence will be entering the studio on Monday (22 February 2010) to record the Third Album

February 8, 2010

  • On 23 February 2010 Together Again will be available for Digital Download at


January 22, 2010

  • Today Evanescence released The Open Door B-side Together Again for a limited time through the United Nations Foundation to raise money for the Haiti Earthquake Relief! The song can be downloaded here when you donate to the UNF.

January 8, 2010

  • Amy has announced on Twitter that the band will be entering the studio to record the Third Album in February!



October 20, 2009

  • Amy Lee announced on Twitter that Evanescence will play a secret show in New York on November 4th. Tickets will be available on Friday 23rd October, 12PM EDT.


September 1, 2009

  • Evanescence will be performing a one-off show in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Maquinaria Festival on November 8th.


April 18, 2009


February 12, 2009

  • Amy Lee will be featured on PBS music show, Legends & Lyrics. She will be joined by Terry Balsamo for the performance and the episode will be recorded February 23rd in Nashville, Tennessee.



October 8, 2008

  • Amy will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Monday, October 13th with Tim to perform her version of "Sally's Song."


August 8, 2008

  • Walt Disney Records will release "Nightmare Revisited," a collection of covers and new recordings inspired by the 1993 film "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas," on September 30, 2008, on which Amy Lee is credited to release a cover of Sally's Song. View Amy's Post


June 18, 2008

  • Amy Lee was given the 2008 Songwriter Icon Award by the NMPA (National Music Publishers Association) at the annual NMPA meeting in New York.



December 6, 2007

  • The Recording Academy has given a Grammy nomination to Evanescence for Best Hard Rock Performance for Sweet Sacrifice!
  • The Good Enough Single is set for a new release date of December 14th after two postponements

December 4, 2007

  • Check out Evanescence's exclusive Nissan Live Sets performance through Yahoo! Music! See the whole show here.


November 30, 2007

Evanescence Fuse Best of 2007.jpg
  • Help Evanescence win "Artist of the Year"! Fuse TV has nominated Evanescence among the "Best of 2007". Click here now to vote!
  • Check out a video by Evanescence in the band's official iLike profile! Click here.
  • According to, "the Good Enough Single has been postponed. It has been removed from both the and the websites meaning that its not ready to be released".
  • Read an exclusive fan review of the secret show for Nissan Live Sets on! Don't forget to visit Nissan Live Sets this Monday, December 3, to watch the show through Yahoo! Music.

November 29, 2007

  • Cast your vote for Evanescence in Rockin'Town Best of 2007 by! Evanescence are currently #1! The band is also #3 in Rockin' Hall of Fame, under Elvis Presley and Led Zeppelin! You can vote immediately by clicking here. The poll will close at 11:59 PM (US - Eastern) December 31, 2007!

November 25, 2007

  • Several members of Evanescence have come down with a severe stomach flu and are receiving medical attention. Because of this, tonight’s show in Denver has been canceled with no plans to re-schedule. Please contact Ticketmaster for refund inquiries.
  • Don't miss a live performance by Evanescence for Nissan Live Sets starting on December 3, 2007! For more information, click here and check back!

November 9, 2007

  • Due to scheduling conflicts the Reno, NV show on 11/15/07 has been canceled.


October 23, 2007


October 18, 2007

  • EVANESCENCE won the award for BEST INTERNATIONAL ROCK ARTIST at the MTV Latin America Music Awards.
  • Amy Lee performed live on Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show".

October 15, 2007

  • Amy Lee was the musical guest on ABC's "The View". She performed for the second time the shorter acoustic version of Good Enough. Amy also appeared on "The Sauce" of Fuse TV, where the new version was played for the first time ever.


September 27, 2007

  • EVANESCENCE will "co-host" L.A. LLOYD'S ROCK 30 COUNTDOWN syndicated radio show airing the weekend of October 5 & 6! Recorded at the San Antonio Family Values show in August, Loyd says this is possibly Rock 30's best show this year!

September 26, 2007

  • Amy Lee is traveling the talk show circuit. Tune in to see Amy Lee on October 15th on The View and October 18th on Leno. Check your local listings, gear up your Tivos and don't miss it!

September 25, 2007

  • Evanescence has been nominated for the ROCK OUT AWARD at the MTV Europe Music Awards ("EMA"), which will take place in Munich, Germany on November 1st.
  • 30 Seconds To Mars
  • Evanescence
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Linkin Park
  • My Chemical Romance
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September 13, 2007

  • Evanescence has been nominated for BEST INTERNATIONAL ROCK ARTIST at the MTV Latin America Music Awards ("Los Premios"), which will take place in Mexico City on October 18th.
  • 30 Seconds To Mars
  • Evanescence
  • Maroon 5
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Panic! At the Disco
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September 10, 2007

  • The new video for "Good Enough" debuted during MTV's TRL at 3:30 p.m. ET/PT, with Amy Lee presenting the video, as it was announced on September 5 at

September 7, 2007

  • Discography Update: Thanks to, the EvReference discography now has high quality scans of the Re-issued Bring Me To Life US Radio Single.

September 4, 2007

  • MTV will premiere the new video for "Good Enough" on TRL Monday September 10th and Amy Lee will be there to make the introduction! The video will also be featured as an "Unleashed" premiere on MTV2 the same day.

September 3, 2007

  • Evanescence has just announced a new winter tour throughout Mexico and the United States. Joining Evanescence will be Australian outfit the Sick Puppies and Julien-K to Support. Tickets for most shows will go on sale beginning September 8th and are available via Ticketmaster. Source
View The new Tour Dates Here

September 2, 2007


August 30, 2007

  • This year the public will pick the nominees and winners of the 2007 EMAs. Go to to vote for Evanescence to get nominated for the Rock Out, Band, Album, and Headliner categories.
  • The Evanescence Reference gets a makeover.
  • The Evanescence Reference is being translated into Español.


July 30, 2007

  • An unfinished version of the Good Enough Video leaked onto the internet, from which still images had popped up over the past weeks. The release date for the finished video/single is suspected for September 11th.
  • High Quality scans of the Good Enough Radio Single (thanks to