Paul McCoy

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Paul McCoy is the lead singer of the band 12 Stones. He is known for featuring on Evanescence's debut song, Bring Me To Life.

This is what he had to say about the experience and the band: "It was cool. They were really cool kids. They definitely have an amazing career ahead of them. It was really an honor to get to work with them on kind of a big, breakout record, to get a part with them on a song. I was really stoked, they were really cool."[1].

To record his vocals on Bring Me to Life, Paul got off the plane, sang his part, got on a plane and played with 12 Stones that night.[2] Amy had to write additional lyrics for his part, as the original song didn't feature guest vocals.[3][4] Evanescence's label, Wind-Up, forced them to add a rapper on the first single in order to make it marketable.[2]

Paul has performed with the band a few times, most recently he was brought on stage as a surprise for Bring Me to Life at Kink Music Festival in 2016.[5]