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Inside Synthesis is a documentary of the behind the scenes/making of Synthesis in the studio. This documentary features interviews from each band member, Will "Science" Hunt (producer) and David Campbell (orchestra composer/arranger). Five episodes were released online. The full 16 minute documentary is on the DVD which is included in the deluxe edition and box set of Synthesis. The full documentary is called From the Inside (The Creation of Synthesis).


Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 1 explains the concept of and intention behind Synthesis while featuring a small instrumental preview of My Immortal and an epic preview of Lacrymosa.

Amy explains that she, Will and David had been sending pieces to each other while they were still in "demo land" but to actually have the experience of having the full orchestra and being in the studio is truly inspiring. They also get to come back to songs that they have a 15 year history with some, and up their game.
Will states the idea from the beginning was to blur the lines between the orchestral and the electronic. The project came together naturally.
David explains that he drew inspiration from his composing techniques from the Hungarian composer Bartok, and the Russian Empire composer Stravinsky. The intention was to go for the gusto and take it all into a whole new world with a more epic approach.

Episode 2: Imperfection

Episode 2 explores the making of Imperfection. It includes interviews from the whole band.

Will would write programming parts, David would write orchestration to the programming parts and Amy would arrange where certain beats or orchestra would go in the songs.
Jen explains her thought about coming up with new ideas and her thought to learn the play the theremin. She also explains that they are one entire large group working on the sound for Synthesis and not just going to be a rock band in front of the orchestra when it comes time to take Synthesis to the stage.
Amy explains she has been more creative during this process and that it's due to falling back in love with "this thing she has been doing for her whole life".
Tim thinks this is a fresh new take on songs that "we have all known and loved for a really long time."
Troy explains that they are reinventing their parts and that he is teaching himself new parts of the songs again.

Episode 3: Harp

Episode 3 Amy finds out her harp teacher, Kirsten Copely, will make an appearance on Synthesis to play harp.

The third episode opens to Amy sitting on a couch explaining to a few others about when she found out when her harp teacher would be playing harp on Synthesis. Kirsten Copely explains that she has known Amy for about 10 years. She praises Amy for being "the most awesome student" as she likes to expand and try new things.

Episode 4: Lindsey Stirling

Episode 4 Amy explains how Lindsey Stirling features on Hi-Lo.

The fourth episode opens to Lindsey Stirling in the studio recording violin for Hi-Lo. Amy goes on to explain that the new song felt like it could do with "one more thing" and that she thought of Lindsey right away after talks of having a guest on the album took place. Lindsey goes on to explain how Amy is an inspiration to her, saying that she can tell when artists are more creatively involved in their music, with Amy being one of them.

Episode 5: Final Episode

Episode 5 Amy speaks about the Steinway & Sons piano that was made for Synthesis.

In the fifth and final episode of Inside Synthesis, Amy speaks about the Steinway & Sons piano made for Synthesis. Amy explains she wanted a piano that would be able to express that "dark classical sound". The Steinway was the piano with "that deep, rattling low end".