The Only One

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General information

Written by: A. Lee and T. Balsamo

The Only One is the tenth track from Evanescence's second studio album, The Open Door.

Amy's description of the song:

Vin1.jpg The song is about some of my experiences as a teenager with close-mindedness. I thought the people around me seemed lost in a world that I really didn't belong in. It's kind of spiritual. We originally called the track "Tuna Afternoon", because I made tuna noodle casserole that day. We still call the song "Tuna Afternoon". Sometimes it's hard to get past that working title.[1] Vin2.jpg

During the fan Q&A at Evanescence's performance for Nissan Live Sets, Amy stated:

Vin1.jpg It's weird. I was inspired by lots of things. The lyrics were really about a lot of my youth when I felt like I was in a very small town, I was in Little Rock and everything, and I felt very different from everyone around me, became really apparent, and places like school and church, I just felt like nobody got what I really wanted to hear, I guess. You want the truth, you want the real answers, you want the meaning of life, and you just get stuff that's easy to swallow, so... I don't know, I guess the songs is about growing up and realizing you have to kind of find the answers and not listen to everybody who you think knows what they're talking about. But yeah, Terry and I just wrote music till very very early in the mornings when we were writing The Open Door and I remember writing forever and being so excited about that song and I thought it was the first single and like, it's the best song in the world and... I don't know, eating a lot of food and just [laughters from the audience] being stupid. We love this song very much.[2] Vin2.jpg

The so-called demo version of this song that surfaced after The Open Door's release later turned out to be a fan made remix.[3]

On the master recording, the song is under its working title "Tuna Afternoon".[4]


Studio versions:

The Only One

Live versions:

The Only One [Live]

  • Performing period: October 5, 2006 - December 8, 2007; November 4 - November 8, 2009; August 17 - August 20, 2011
  • Status: Unreleased
  • Examples: Scotiabank Place Ottawa, Canada (January 10, 2007); War Memorial Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee (August 17, 2011)

The Only One (A Live Session From Rock Falcon Studio)


All the tuna fish are singing in a tuna afternoon[4]
Quack quack quack

You know you're not the only one

When they all come crashing down - midflight
You know you're not the only one
When they're so alone
They find a back door out of life
You know you're not the only one

We're all grieving
Lost and bleeding

All our lives
We've been waiting
For someone to call our leader
All your lies
I'm not believing
Heaven shine a light down on me

So afraid to open your eyes, hypnotized
You know you're not the only one
Never understood this life
And you're right I don't deserve
But you know I'm not the only one

We're all grieving
Lost and bleeding

All our lives
We've been waiting
For someone to call our leader
All your lies
I'm not believing
Heaven shine a light down on me

Don't look down
Don't look into the eyes of the world beneath you
Don't look down
You'll fall down
You'll become their sacrifice

Right or wrong
Can't hold onto the fear
That I'm lost without you
If I can't feel, I'm not mine
I'm not real

All our lives
We've been waiting
For someone to call our leader
All your lies
I'm not believing
Heaven shine a light down on me

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