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And now I’m lost in paradise<br><br>
And now I’m lost in paradise<br><br>
Run away, run away<br>
One day we won’t feel this pain anymore<br>
One day we won’t feel this pain anymore<br>
Take it all away<br>
Take it all away<br>

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General Information

Written by: A. Lee

The 7th track on Evanescence's self-titled album, Evanescence (album). The song is a very personal song to Amy; a deeply emotional, but hard hitting ballad.

A sample was released on MTV.com on July 15 2011. In her interview with MTV she gave more insight inside the writing of the song: [1]

Vin1.jpg That's the one that made us cry ... like, literally, just in here, working on it, there have been tears. I love that song. When I was writing it, it wasn't anything; it was just pure, it was just for me. I was literally just writing it for me, to soothe my own feelings by expressing them. And I just thought, 'Piano, vocals, I can record it by myself at my house, and that'll be the track. ... It'll be a B-side somewhere or something.

[But] then ... as we were working on other songs — focusing more on rock songs — I kept listening to it for fun, because it was mine, and I sent it to [producer] Nick [Raskulinecz] and I was like, 'I want you to listen to this. ... The more I listen to it, the more I think it means something,' And he, instantly, was like, 'We have to do that song.' And it was his idea to bring the band into it, and at first, I was totally like, 'I don't get that.' But once we did, it just blew the thing wide open, in a way I had never thought about before. It's perfect; it's meant to be the way it is.


In another interview with MTV after the live Premiere of What You Want, Amy said that she felt most connected to "Lost In Paradise": [2]

Vin1.jpg that song is just really raw... that's a song that has no censorship, like I was in a place where I was like "yeah I don't know whats going to happen, and I can't save the day and act like everything is perfect"... the lyrics on that one kinda came fast and that's sorta what happens when you're not thinking so hard... I love it because its vulnerable and sometimes, i guess its hard to me to just totally get vulnerable, its like I always want to be strong... sometimes the hardest thing is not trying so hard. Vin2.jpg


Studio versions:

Lost In Paradise

  • Recording Date: February 2011 - July 2011
  • Status: Unreleased
  • Released On: Evanescence (album)
  • Length: 4:42


I’ve been believing
In something so distant
As if I was human
And I’ve been denying
This feeling of hopelessness
In me - in me

All the [inaudible] I made
Just to let you down
You believed in me but I’m broken

I have nothing left
And all I feel is this cruel wanting
We’ve been falling for all this time
And now I’m lost in paradise

As much as I'd like
The past not to exist
It still does
And as much as I’d like
To feel like I belong here
I’m just as scared as you

I have nothing left
And all I feel is this cruel wanting
We’ve been falling for all this time
And now I’m lost in paradise

Run away, run away
One day we won’t feel this pain anymore
Take it all away
Shadows of you
Cause they won’t let me go

I have nothing left
And all I feel is this cruel wanting
We’ve been falling for all this time
And now I’m lost in paradise
Alone and lost in paradise

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