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David Hodges

David Hodges (Born 5 December, 1978, in Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A.) is a singer and keyboard player. He took part in Evanescence from December 1999 until 2002. He also played in the bands Trading Yesterday and The Age of Information and has released some solo projects.



In December 1999, David was hired by Ben Moody in Evanescence.[1] He was given co-writing credits on many of the songs on the demo CD Origin and the debut album Fallen,[1] including songs that Amy Lee and Ben Moody wrote and recorded as a duo years before David joined them.[2] Amy wrote the piano parts on Fallen, but David recorded them,[3][2] and he was also credited with string arrangements along with David Campbell, who contributed to the orchestration and Amy hired.[4][5] He left the band in December 2002 after the recording of Fallen.[6] It was believed that he left because he wanted the band to be part of the Christian music scene, which Ben Moody and Amy Lee did not want. In a 2018 interview, David claimed that after the band had a meeting with the label, Ben and Amy told him that he wasn't going to be a part of it anymore.[7] Ben said that David left due to creative differences, noting that "we just ended up going in different directions" and "we chose to split ways before we built the whole image of the band based on somebody that wasn't going to be there."[8] Ben said David mostly did string arrangements.[2]

He was a groomsman at Amy Lee and Josh Hartzler's wedding in Little Rock on May 6, 2007.[9]

Trading Yesterday

In 2003 Hodges and Mark Colbert started the project Trading Yesterday. Were part of the band Hodges (voice, acoustic guitar and keys/piano), Colbert (drums) and Steven McMorran (bass).

The Age of Information

In August 2007 Trading Yesterday changed their name to The Age of Information and added to the band Josh Dunahoo and Will Hunt. The sound changed from acoustic to electric style.

Solo Projects

He did two vocal collaborations with Amy Lee in Breathe and Fall Into You. After his first solo album in 2000, Musical Demonstrations Part 1, David didn't release anything until 2008. The 18 September, 2008, he signed with Warner Brothers as solo artist[10]. In July 2008 he published an EP titled The Rising.

Musical Demonstrations Part 1

Musical Demonstrations Part 1

In 2000 Hodges published his first solo album called Musical Demonstrations Part 1.


  1. He Is Running To Me
  2. Thursday (feat. Hannah Hodges)
  3. Fly
  4. Crowd Of Me

*David Hodges (music, lyrics, vocals, backing vocals, piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar). Ben Moody (acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drum programming, engineering). Josh Hartzler (lyrics), Hannah Hodges (backing vocals), Penny Hodges (flute), Stuart Springer (acoustic guitar), Jeremy Upchurch (lyrics), Brad Riggins (backing vocals, keyboard), Julie Riggins (backing vocals), Neal Watson (backing vocals, drums and percussions), Kendall Combes (acoustic and electric guitar), Casey Gerber (bass), Randy Boyd (mixing), Chris Freeis (mixing)[11].

The Rising EP

The Rising EP

In July 2008 ArtHouse Entertainment announced that David Hodges had signed with Warner Bros Records to record a solo album[12]. Hodges released a serie of EPs instead of a full-lenght. The first one, "The Rising", was published in digital format on 11 August, 2009[13]. The EP was a great debut gaining the position #8 in the most download albums in iTunes[14].


  1. The Rising
  2. When It All Goes Away
  3. Hard to Believe
  4. Another Red Light

*David Hodges: Vocals and Piano. Will Hunt (drums and programming), Steve Miller (guitar), Steven McMorran (bass), Chad Copelin (organ), John Campbell (strings and programming). Produced by David Hodges and Will Hunt. Recorded at Sleepwalker Studios and NRG Studios. Chad Copelin (sound engineering), Sean Curiel (engineering assistant), Neal Avron (mixing), Ted Jensen (mastering)[11].

Untitled Acoustic Album

This EP should have been published in 2010, but because of the break in Warner Brothers it was unreleased. "Daylight" is the only song of this album to have leaked in the net[15]. David announced other three projects, for 2010 (a new acoustic album, the birth of Avox and their new album: The Fragile World) and for 2011 (named Arrows To Athens). In December 2010 David is publishing an acoustic album.

Vin1.jpg I'm planning on making an acoustic album between Thanksgiving & Christmas. Looking back, I feel like there's more than a handful of fragile, beautiful songs that I can't wait for you to hear stripped down. Most of the time when I write it starts on a piano or acoustic guitar and then finds it way to a full recording with drums and guitars and the whole thing, but along the way I feel like I've collected some songs that just have a magic to them when they're broken down. I'm hoping to make this recording process something that you guys can see as it's taking shape toward the end of this year... Vin2.jpg

Other Projects

The Summit Church

David recorded some songs for three albums of The Summit Church, a Christian community.

Summit Worship

In 2000 Hodges composed and recorded seven songs for the CD Summit Worship by The Summit Church. One of the composed songs, Breathe, features vocals by Amy Lee. The CD is no longer printed.

David Hodges's tracks:

1. Make This Church Your Home (Intro)
2. Everything That Has Breath
5. Ancient Of Days
8. I Exalt Thee / Your Name (feat. Hannah Hodges)
9. Better Is One Day (feat. Hannah Hodges)
12. Bring Me Back
13. Breathe (feat. Amy Lee)

The Genesis Project


In 2003 he recorded three songs for the second The Summit Church album, The Genesis Project.

David Hodges's tracks:

3. You Are The Light
7. Make Us Whole
11. For You Only

* Music and lyrics by David Hodges. Recorded at Studio Summit.[11]

The Light [soundtrack]


The 14 December, 2003, some David songs were included in a soundtrack, for The Summit Church Christmas show, titled The Light.

David Hodges's tracks:

1. Intro
2. You Are The Light
3. World On Fire
4. Lost In December (feat. Hannah Hodges)
5. Glory To God (feat. Hannah Hodges)

*Music and lyrics bt David Hodges. Recorded and mixed at 12:06 Studios except "You Are The Light" recorded at Studio Summit.[11]


Avox[16] is the new project born from the composer John Campbell and David Hodges. Its music is instrumental; with symphonic, electric and rock tracks. "The Rising" is the first Avox bit you can think of.

The Fragile World

The Fragile World.jpg

Avox should have published their "a hour musical trip" on October, but the release date was changed to the 28 September, The Fragile World is available on iTunes[17] and four of the tracks can be listened to in the official website[18].


  1. The War
  2. The Deep
  3. The Fuse
  4. The Attack
  5. The Legacy
  6. The Breach
  7. The Escape
  8. The Balance
  9. The Switch
  10. The Passage
  11. The Offering
  12. The Source
  13. The Sacrifice
  14. The Storm
  15. The Stand
  16. The Truce

Arrows To Athens

Arrows To Athens[19] is a new project by Steve Miller and David Hodges. The first release is due to February 2011.


Hodges collaborated with Kelly Clarkson, on two songs featured in the album Breakaway ("Because of You" and "Addicted"). He also wrote and/or produced for artists like Amie Miriello, David Archuleta, Charlie Hall, Jon Shirley, Daughtry, Kaizer Allen, Anastacia, Bethany Dillon and others.

While working for his own music he also composed for other artists. In 2007 he worked with Celine Dion (“This Time”) and with Backstreet Boys (“Something That I Already Know”). Hodges also worked with Blake Lewis, the second winner of American Idol (sixth season), for his debut album A.D.D. (Audio Day Dream), published the 4 December, 2007.[20]

He's collaborating with Dashboard Confessional, Nick Lachey, Lesley Roy, Tyrone Wells and the American Idol finalists Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta e Kris Allen. He's composing new material for Kara DioGuardi, Emanuel Kiriakou, Jess Cates, Lindy Robbins, Mitch Allan, Ben Moody, Steve McMorran, Steve McEwan, Chris Thompkins, Jeffrey Steele, Craig Wiseman, Tamar Kaprelian, Dan Muckala, and Weezer.

David even collaborated with We Are The Fallen playing and recording the piano in their debut album, Tear The World Down.

Unreleased songs

Tracks from 2000:

  • Lost In December (feat. Hannah Hodges)
  • Need Me Now
  • I'm So Sorry
  • Fall Into You (feat. Amy Lee)
  • He Loved Me To Death
  • Collector Of Your Tears
  • Make This Church Your Home

Tracks from 2009-2010:

  • Daylight
  • 3 Words
  • Love's Been Good To Me
  • It's Too Late
  • How It Ends
  • Chase The Sun
  • Ghosts In The Water

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