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Chad Copelin

Chad Copelin is a producer, audio engineer, musician, and songwriter from Norman, Oklahoma. Copelin got his start playing in local bands and majoring in music composition and after three years of school, left to collaborate with various musicians, tour nationally, and engineer and produce local bands. In 2005, he opened Blackwatch Studios with co-owner Jarod Evans and produced his first full-length album, I Am Haunted, I Am Alive by Beau Jenning's project Cheyenne. Copelin was nominated at the 2017 Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Christian Album for his work on "Poets & Saints" by All Sons & Daughters.

He engineered David Hodges' 2009 EP The Rising. He produced Ashley Arrison's second album, Hearts On Parade, released in July 2010.


Amy Lee

Will "Science" Hunt, Tim McCord, Amy Lee, and Chad Copelin at El Capitan Theatre on October 17, 2008

In 2008, Copelin was credited as a recording engineer and with additional keyboards on Amy Lee's cover song of Sally's Song for the album Nightmare Revisited. He performed the song live with Amy at Jay Leno and El Capitan Theatre.

In 2015, he was credited as a performer on Amy Lee's cover of Chris Izaak's Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing from Recover, Vol. 1, which was originally submitted for The Cabin in the Woods, but was rejected. It was later intended to be included on Evanescence's third album originally produced by Steve Lillywhite in 2010, but the album was rejected by the band's then label.[1]


Amy, Steve Lillywhite, Chad Copelin, and Will Hunt at MSR Studios, New York

He entered the studio to work on the initial sessions for Evanescence's third album with producer Steve Lillywhite on February 22, 2010,[2] but they were scrapped by the label in April that same year.[3] This scrapped album is referred to as "broken record" by Amy Lee.[1] She said she's in possession of these unfinished recordings and plans to "finish some, re-do some, and probably keep a couple to myself."

He is seen in the first studio clip Amy posted on her Twitter on March 19, 2010.[4][5] On the clip he is tracking stomps on Perfect Dream along with Amy and Lillywhite. The song remains unreleased to date.


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