The Age of Information

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Band that David Hodges formed after leaving Evanescence that is formerly known as Trading Yesterday. The band released The Beauty and The Tragedy in mid-June 2004. Signed to Epic Records in the summer of 2004 but parted ways with the label in 2005. Their song 'One Day' was featured on the Stealth soundtrack. The album was produced by Dave Fortman (who also produced Fallen and The Open Door). In June 2006, drummer and co-founder Mark Colbert, left the band to pursue a career as an audio engineer and they have yet to name a permanent replacement. Their album 'More Than This' was permanently shelved and will never be officially released. 'More Than This' could be downloaded through the internet starting in December 2006. Josh Dunahoo and Will Hunt (not to be confused with Evanescence/Dark New Day's Will Hunt) joined the band and in September 2007, they changed their name to The Age of Information. They released an EP entitled 'Everything Is Broken' on September 11, 2007 and are currently working on a full length album which should be out in early 2008.

Band Members

  • David Hodges - Vocals, Guitars and Piano
  • Steven McMorran - Bass
  • Josh Dunahoo - Guitar
  • Will Hunt - Drums


  • Mark Colbert - Drums (2003-2006)


  • The Beauty And The Tragedy (2004)
  • More Than This (2006, shelved permanently)
  • Everything Is Broken (2007)