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Amy designing the "flag dress" worn during the last leg of Evanescence Tour in South America and the UK
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Amy Lee has a recognizable fashion style, marked by her occasional use of gothic make-up and taste for Victorian-styled clothing. She also designs many of her own clothes, including those worn in the music video for Going Under[1] and the dress she wore to the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2011.[2] After she designed the dress she wore at the 2004 Grammy awards, she chose Japanese designer H. Naoto to make it for her,[3] although she does sometimes make her own clothes.

Vin1.jpg “I design a lot of things that I wear onstage but I’m always looking for unique stuff. I like creative things so anything I can find at a secondhand costume shop to a Helmut Lang store, it doesn’t matter – just unique stuff.”[4] Vin2.jpg

Amy collaborated with Sherif Shalaby to make the dress she wore on Evanescence's two one-off shows in 2009 (Secret Show and Maquinária Festival)[5] and also with New York-based Japanese designer Masaaki Sato.[6]

The combination of fashion, image and music

"@AmyLeeEV working on some new threads to wear on stage! Who's coming out to an Ev show soon to see how they turn out?!"[7]

In her personal life, she enjoys being a girl. Her clothing style is quirky and marked by her frequent use of not-so-goth clothes. She explained it as a professional thing, saying that her image onstage is so different from her normal clothes because it completes the image; if she were to come out onstage in pink boots and a track suit and sing about despair, it would totally ruin the image.[8] In an interview, she stated that when the band first started performing, she would wear corsets to avoid diluting the band's public image, but has gradually become more comfortable with her own style. According to her, the image, the videos, the way of dressing should be treated with the same care as making music:[9]

Vin1.jpg It’s important to have a vision, fashion and visuals express who you are and draw the landscape for the music. I design most of my stage clothes and come up with a lot of the concepts for our music videos and special events. Like the album cover for The Open Door- I sketched the cover, and then had the giant door and the dress made, so we could recreate the drawing in a photo. You need your artwork and look to do the best possible job describing you as you see yourself so that people can get closer to the heart of the music. I always have video ideas, the videos are the visual expression of the songs, and another dimension of what they mean to me. I love them because anything is possible! Vin2.jpg

When discussing the dress she worn on the cover of The Open Door, she noted in an interview with The Hour she told the stylist, "what you don't understand is, the more skin I show, the less people think I write my own songs." She added she'd rather be a musician than an icon.

Amy's creations

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