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  •, and it's made me who I am. It's one of those things that happens early enough in life that it forms you. I think in a lot of ways I made it a thing that I long to be like you<BR>
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  • Amy has said that the song is about wanting to be less apprehensive and more "loose", and wanting to not have so much respons ...emotion – including feeling worthy and feeling like a woman and feeling good about myself; not that the album’s all happy and poppy. There are element
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  • The band version was the version originally intended to be on ''Fallen'', but Wind-up Records were unhappy with this version and decid Me]]''. This code was believed to be a morse code, but it turned out to be a false information; this is what Ben Moody explained about it:
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  • get from me. I do answer sometimes and I do want to go on. I do want to be there for people and tell them what I think but at the same time, I'm not a ...songs. With the line-up changing, I think a lot of people thought it would be more of the "My Immortal" stuff. But "My Immortal" was Ben [Moody]'s song!
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  • that the intro of The Narnia Song has been added onto ''[[Good Enough]]'': ...ot on the new album. The intro of the Narnia song has been added onto Good Enough.}}
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  • ...formances. They played ''[[Bring Me to Life]]'', ''[[Lithium]]'', ''[[Good Enough]]'', ''[[Call Me When You're Sober]]'' and ''[[Your Love]]''. To this day, the episode has never been aired due to multiple problems within the company.
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  • ...w the lyrics and they’re singing along at concerts. It’s definitely a good feeling considering it’s a brand new album.<br> ...dn’t know the record (Fallen) was going to sell 14 million records. You never know what’s going to happen. The freedom that the first record afforded
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  • ...or'' It’s really long in the back… ''walks backwards'' - ''pretends to be rocking out on stage''<br> Beth: Go like this...''starts singing and pretending to be Amy'' I won’t be broken again…<br>
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  • .... If I didn't record all those songs I'd written in my head, then it would never do it."'' ...intimate. It was like she was offering a piece of herself she would never be able to if not through her art. When people approach me freaking out — sh
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  • Evanescence guitarist Terry Balsamo may appear to be riding a wave of success these days, particularly considering his band’s Terry: Yeah, I still have paralysis in my left arm and hand. I’m like at enough where I can get by on tour. Basically this tour is like therapy right now f
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  • ...ding this album, you are pleased with it and totally satisfied, then we'll be pleased too. ...y that fits their style in an effort to create the right vibe. There might be mood lighting, decorations, incense, candles, or whatever the group desires
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  • ...the second single off ''[[Fallen]]'', though it was originally intended to be the first. The decision to make "[[Bring Me to Life]]" the first single was ...pher (no credits are given on any international release) who is assumed to be Frank Veronsky—the photographer of all promotional images for ''Fallen''.
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  • ...xt on a yellow background. The cover artwork is a photo on what appears to be an old leather photo album with the 'Evanescence' logo. The back artwork is ...was rumored to be used on radio stations where a heavy guitar track would be inappropriate.
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  • ...Video spanned two days (March 9 and 10), and one winner was be selected to be the behind-the-scenes EvClub photographer for each day. Also, the final win ...Tour]]. Entries containing correct answers to all 6 questions qualified to be entered into a random drawing where five winners were chosen. Each winner r
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  • Listen to song from Live]. Can also be found on the [[Lithium Single]].</ref> *[[Bring Me To Life]] ([[Ben Moody]] - Guitar, Amy Lee - Vocals)<ref>Can be found on the [[Bring Me To Life Single#UK DVD Single|Bring Me To Life DVD S
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  • ...o this the best, but any fan of very good, highly interesting music should be duly impressed.}}
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  • ::Evanescence's official store can be found [ here]. ...e new auctions up every day for vintage shirts and new backstocked shirts. Be careful though, because 90% of the apparel for sale on ebay isn't officiall
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  • ...erial together which would later become [[Dark New Day]] and would include good friends Clint Lowery and Brett Hestla. The lineup was one that had been hin ...John LeCompt]], for ''[[The Open Door]]'' tour. Originally he was going to be playing with Evanescence until September, but ended up staying until the en
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  • ...ased or planned to have been released with the single|the song itself|Good Enough}} | Name = Good Enough
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  • '''''If you add a page to the reference, please be kind and add it to this page so as to keep everything updated.'''''</div> [[Good Charlotte]]
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