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Ailyn Giménez
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Pilar María Del Carmen Mónica Giménez García (born May 29, 1982) known professionally as Ailyn Giménez or simply Ailyn, is a Spanish singer and songwriter. She is the current vocalist of Her Chariot Awaits and the former vocalist of the Norwegian symphonic/gothic metal band Sirenia. Whilst in Sirenia she was the fourth singer and sung on more full Sirenia albums than any other singer to date. Before joining Sirenia, she was one of the contestants on Series 1 (2007) for Spain's version of The X Factor, and one of the songs she performed was Bring Me to Life, but unfortunately she was eliminated in the fourth episode.

Ailyn has been a fan of Evanescence since Fallen's release, and would love to sing with Amy Lee. She said this:

Vin1.jpg I love everything, I like the music they make plus, I adore Amy's voice and charisma. In addition to the energy that emerges on stage... Vin2.jpg

Vin1.jpg I think Amy is a great artist with a great voice and as I said before, very charismatic. As an artist, I love it. As a person I can not comment as I do not know her personally, I wish I could meet her one day... Vin2.jpg

Vin1.jpg I would love to sing with Amy, would be a great honor to do that[1] Vin2.jpg

Evanescence Covers

A good friend from her, who's also an Evanescence fan, asked her to do some covers, they are:



  • The 13th Floor (2009)
  • The Enigma of Life (2011)
  • Perils of the Deep Blue (2013)
  • The Seventh Life Path (2015)

Her Chariot Awaits

  • Her Chariot Awaits (2020)


  • Burn the Beauty (2022)


  1. Ailyn to EvTeam (in Spanish)