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Cold w/ Terry Balsamo
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Former band of current Evanescence guitarist Terry Balsamo, which he joined in 1999 and left in 2003. Amy Lee formally apologized to the band and their fans on the Cold message board and the Evboard in January after making comments referring to Scooter Ward’s health and the band’s future. The band (along with Revis, Cauterize, and Finger Eleven) toured with Evanescence during the Nintendo Fusion Tour. The band formed in 1989 as "Grundig" then later, due to an existing copyright, changed their name to "Cold". The band officially broke up in 2006.

Former Members

  • Scooter Ward – Vocals, Additional Guitar, Piano
  • Matt Loughran – Guitar
  • Zachary Gilbert – Guitar
  • Jeremy Marshall – Bass
  • Sam McCandless – Drums
  • Terry Balsamo - Guitar
  • Kelly Hayes - Guitar
  • Eddie Rendini - Guitar
  • Mike Booth
  • Sean Lay


  • Into Everything EP (1992) as Grundig
  • Live @ Furies (Live, 1995) as Grundig
  • Cold (1998)
  • Oddity EP (1998)
  • 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage (2000)
  • Project 13 EP (2001)
  • Year of the Spider (2003)
  • With My Mind (Single, 2004)
  • A Different Kind of Pain (2005)