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Chris Vrenna (Erie, February 23, 1967) is a USA musician, famous for being part of Nine Inch Nails from 1989 to 1997. He also worked with Marilyn Manson. He collaborated with Evanescence in their omonimous album, working on the electronic part.

Vin1.jpg EvTod: Are there still ‘electro stuff’ on the new record?

Terry: Yes, there is still going to be a good bit of electronics on the album. Our producer Nick’s thing was “Hey” if were gonna have that then let’s get the baddest dude there is, like a guy that invented the shit like Chris Vrenna (from NIN & others) which made me very happy because since back in the Cold days when I had the pleasure of working with him,we talked sometimes and always hoped timing & things would work out for him to do some Ev stuff one day, so Yes it’s there and better than ever![1]


Chris is also the one who had the idea of introducing What You Want with a "80s drums" effect:


MH: So let's talk about music: your first single "What You want" has an introduction reminding some AOR songs which were popular in '83/'84...

Amy: Your right! That was a great idea of our collaborator Chris Vrenna who, like you may know, has been in Trent Reznor's court in Nine Inch Nails and is currently busy with Marilyn Manson's band. Listening to the demo we realised that track, being played by acoustic drums, had something missing so we applied to Chris. He came out with that effect - which inevitably reminds me Nine Inch Nails themselves and Depeche Mode in the 80s - and we soon thought it was perfect! [2]


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