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Amy's Lyrics Journal in 2003.

Journal with notes, handwritten lyrics and artworks made by Amy Lee during the Fallen era, known as "Amy's Lyrics Journal" at the time. It made its first appearance on the web on Evanescence's official website in 2003.[1] It was possible to browse it through a simple screen divided into two parts: in the lower part it was shown in brief index with all the 13 pages, while in the upper part it was possible to view the entire selected page. In the music section it was possible to view the lyrics of Fallen's songs both in digital format and in their scanned paper format.

The quality of the scans published in 2003 was not very good. Some of these pages (1, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11 and the cover) were then republished in high definition in the band's official forum, EvClub, opened in 2006.


Fallen scrapbook

In celebration of Fallen's 10th anniversary in 2013, a scrapbook was published on the band's official website. It featured handwritten lyrics of "Imaginary" and "Whisper", as well as drawings, sketches and a behind the scene photo of the "My Immortal" video shoot.[2]

This year marks ten years from when Fallen was released. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Fallen we've assembled a scrapbook of our memories from the creation of the album. Join us in celebrating this historic album with some of Amy's drawings and handwritten lyrics from the Fallen era.[3]

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  1. A collage of different clippings among which you can see an image of the famous Greek goddess Athena from "Columbia Pictures", a photo of a live performance by Michael Jackson and several butterflies.
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  5. On this page Amy writes about her impressions of the tour and her new life after the success of Fallen: "This moment is so perfect I was afraid to move to get to this journal... afraid to turn on the light I'm writing in the dark. Only the light of the city outside shows me the page. 2nd day of tour. Sitting in the window on the 23rd floor of a hotel in Sacramento. "I can't see New York" playing on my ears - the cars so beautiful in slow - perfect motion - swimming together. A red light on the top of a smaller building in front of me blinks unevenly. The clouds are right in front of me. breathing together - graceful dark [...]. "I can't seem to find my way out of your hunting ground". ON THE OTHER SIDE NEW... YORK. As the music grows the few cars become a flood. As it ends I watch them float away together. My life is a dream. Nothing is completely unexpected. Nothing pleases me. Everything is possible. It's a drama, in slow motion where everything has a premeditated, planned purpose by everyone - though I have no idea what will happen, I know exactly. We have always existed. It's just now morning"
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  9. Amy's self-portrait
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  11. Handwritten lyrics of Hello.
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  13. Handwritten lyrics of Imaginary with outtake lyrics: Every today is yesterday again. Stuck in a cycle with no end. If there's anything I've learned in all the years I've lived ... Reality is killing me, my life's not what it seems to be and ... I know I must be free. Someone help me fall asleep for I live to dream.