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The EvClub was opened on September 22, 2006, just before the international release of The Open Door. It was the first—and only—official fan club ever started by the band. The club featured exclusive photos and contests as well as personal blogs, Band Member Blogs and an email account (username@evfanclub.com). Other perks included ticket pre-sales and Meet & Greet opportunities.

There was also a successful message board inside the club that featured posts by the band.
Admins: Sparkart,Carmen
Moderators: Carmen, LuceGoo

The price of joining was $24.95 (plus S&H) for one year and included an exclusive merchandise package.

The club wasn't accepting new memberships as of March 2013 and was closed in 2014.

On the club Amy exclusively published her lyrics journal, Fallen journal and The Open Door journal, both containing handwritten lyrics and drawings from the two albums. During the making of the self-titled album in 2010-2011, she disclosed exclusive details on the recording sessions and revealed the songs' working titles.

The Contests

The club has offered a total of 9 contests.

Golden Key

Status: Closed
End Date: 10/20/2007
Winner: EvilinaDM101

If you logged on during the first leg of the 2006 tour and saw a golden key, you received 2 tickets, flight and accommodations to San Francisco to see the band perform at the Warfield Theatre on October 29th.

Create your own Evanescence Wallpaper

Status: Closed
End Date: 02/08/2007
Winner: isaymeow

Members were asked to use only 4 provided images (from the Lithium video photo shoot) to create a 1280x1024 desktop wallpaper image. The winner got their entry hosted on the club website in addition to an autographed poster and a t-shirt.

Almost Famous - Concert Review

Status: Closed
End Date: 03/02/2007
Winner: AzTechDude

In 500 words or less, participants were asked compose a detailed concert review from an Evanescence show that happened between March 1, 2006 and March 1, 2007. For those that didn’t have the pleasure of making it out to a concert, members were encouraged to review the Anywhere But Home CD/DVD. The Grand Prize Winner received roundtrip airfare to Las Vegas, NV; hotel accommodations for one night; and 2 tickets to see Evanescence perform at The Pearl @ The Palms Casino Resort on March 17, 2007.

EvClub Insider

Status: Closed
End Date: 02/02/2007
Winners: cowbell, atrocityschild and blueeyes

Three lucky winners recieved the chance to attend a few selected events in the Los Angeles area. The making of the Sweet Sacrifice Video spanned two days (March 9 and 10), and one winner was be selected to be the behind-the-scenes EvClub photographer for each day. Also, the final winner attended the lLive performance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show (March 14) to photograph the event for the club. To enter, members were asked to fill out a questionaire and send it in via email. The contest was only open to LA residents because airfare/accommodations were not offered.

The Winners of the video shoot days were cowbell and atrocityschild. The winner of the live performance day was blueeyes.

Family Values Poster

Status: Closed
End Date: 07/02/2007
Winner: SweetXSacrifice

Participants are asked to graphically design an original, Evanescence-themed poster to promote their appearance on the 2007 Family Values Tour and write a brief paragraph describing the poster. The winner received 2 tickets to attend a Family Values Tour of their choice and a Meet and Greet with the band (airfare and hotel accommodations not included) plus an autographed print of the poster. The winning design is available on the club website as a featured wallpaper.

Family Values Tour Trivia

Status: Closed
End Date: 08/07/07
Winners: amysevanescer, ZombieDrewie, nananess, Koru & blueyedcutie

Members had one week to answer 6 multiple-choice trivia questions about Evanescence and the Family Values Tour. Entries containing correct answers to all 6 questions qualified to be entered into a random drawing where five winners were chosen. Each winner received a special Evanescence merchandise prize pack including a t-shirt and other goodies.

Design The Year 2 EvClub T-shirt

Status: Closed
End Date: 08/17/07
Winner: erameline

Contestants were asked to design the t-shirt for the 2nd year membership package; designs up to the sole discretion of the member. It was recommended—but not required—that designs include the EvClub logo (a vector image of the logo was made available for download on the contest page). The design was also supposed to incorporate the color of the t-shirt. Designs were first to be submitted via e-mail in .JPEG format with the winning design finally required to be supplied in 300 dpi in a .PDF, .EPS or .JPEG format. The winner did not receive any additional prizes other than having their design used.

Amy Lee on Jay Leno

Status: Closed
End Date: 10/10/08
Winner: Saran032

Contestants were told to go to the "Tours and Tickets" section of the website and select the event. Then they were told to click YES under "Are you Going?" by October 10th 2008. The winner was allowed to bring one guest with them.

EvClub VIP Ticket Give-Away

Status: Closed
End Date: 02/23/09
Winner: EvLuvv

Contestants were told to go to the "Tours and Tickets" section of the website and select the event. Then they were told to click YES under "Are you Going?" by February 23rd 2009. The winner was allowed to bring one guest with them.

Fan Package

First Year

In the clubs first months, delivery of the fan package had been delayed for quite some time for unknown reasons and was expected to include a key chain.

Item Description
EvFanClubShirt1.jpg This is what the fan club t-shirt looks like. The thorns and 'e' logo are distressed black on a soft, light grey, standard fit shirt. The Evanescence Logo wraps around the bottom left side of the shirt.
EvFanclubphoto1.jpg This is the photo of Amy that was included in the package and is printed on heavy gauge paper with a semi-glossy finish. The image is from a photo shoot with Amy Cooper. The first 250 members to join the fan club got their photos signed by Amy.
EvFanclubletter1.jpg The fan club letter. Note that the source photo of the band did not actually include Tim, as he was not with the band when it was taken. He was added later, digitally.

The Letter reads:
Hey Guys!
Thanks for joining out new fan club. All you crazy fans
have been beyond supportive of us and the new album,
and it's made this tour AMAZING. We are having so
much fun! Our days have been full of toys, cupcakes,
paintings, poetry, and killer shows thanks to all of you!
It's good to be back! we'll be seeing a lot more of each
other next year when we tour a bunch more.
Rock on!

EvFanclubmembercard1.jpg The membership card for the first year. The back reads: Membership card only valid when presented with valid government issued photo identification.

Second Year

Item Description
EvFanClubShirt2.jpg Designed by contest winner erameline, the motif incorporates the older Evanescence logo with a stylized tree birds and mist design.

Third Year

Item Description
EvFanClubShirt3.jpg Designed/Illustrated by Amy Lee, the grey t-shirt featured an octopus design with the EvClub logo.

Fourth Year

Item Description
EvFanClub4.png The package includes a lanyard style keychain and a circular text pendant necklace on black cord.

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