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Anywhere But Home
Live album by Evanescence
Released November 22, 2004
Recorded May 25, 2004 (Le Zénith, Paris, France)
Length 57:65 (CD)
102:00 (DVD)
Label Wind-up Records
Producer James O'Brien, Amy Lee, Dave Fortman (track 14)
Evanescence chronology
Anywhere but Home
The Open Door
Singles from Anywhere but Home
  1. "Missing"
    Released: November 2004
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Anywhere But Home is the first Evanescence live CD/DVD set, released worldwide on November 22, 2004 and in the US on November 23, 2004. The CD features Evanescence's show at the Zenith in Paris, France on May 25, 2004, and bonus B-side track Missing. It also features a cover of Korn's song Thoughtless. The DVD features a video recording of the show, one hour of backstage footage, and all four music videos from Fallen.

Vin1.jpg Evanescence fans will have something to celebrate on Nov. 23, when Wind-Up unveils the CD/DVD Anywhere but Home. The release chronicles a May 25 show at Paris' Le Zenith, with the DVD portion directed by Hamish Hamilton (Madonna, U2). Audio versions of the live tracks are featured on the accompanying CD, as is the previously unreleased studio recording of Missing.

Anywhere But Home blends such hits as Bring Me to Life, My Immortal and Going Under with lesser-known tracks such as My Last Breath and Imaginary from Evanescence's smash 2003 debut, Fallen, plus a cover of Korn's Thoughtless.

The DVD portion is loaded with extra content, including videos for My Immortal, Going Under, Bring Me To Life and Everybody's Fool, an hour's worth of behind-the-scenes footage and surprises hidden within the navigation menus.



Easter egg

The 2003 Billboard Music Awards performance of "Bring Me to Life" in the Boneyard of The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, is included as an easter egg. To view the hidden video: Insert the Anywhere but Home DVD-ROM into your DVD-ROM Drive. Wait for the main menu to appear. As you can see, the main menu is surrounded by two huge thorns. Scan over the left one with your mouse, and an orange Evanescence "E" symbol should appear. Click on it to view the easter egg video.


In December 2004, Trevin and Melanie Skeens of Maryland, who had bought the album for their thirteen-year-old daughter, filed a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart after hearing the word "fuck" sung during the song Thoughtless, a cover of a Korn song. The lawsuit claimed that while the album contained this explicit word, there was no Parental Advisory sticker on the package. It also claimed that this album violated Wal-Mart's policy of not stocking music with explicit lyrics, and that the company had to be aware of the problem because the word was dubbed out of a free sample on the website. The lawsuit was resolved by court order of a deal which would allow those people who bought the album at a Maryland Wal-Mart location to receive a refund. Some copies have the Parental Advisory notice, yet other copies are still sold without it now.[2]

CD track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Haunted" (Live)A. Lee, B. Moody, D. Hodges 4:04
2. "Going Under" (Live)A. Lee, B. Moody, D. Hodges 3:57
3. "Taking Over Me" (Live)A. Lee, B. Moody, D. Hodges, J. LeCompt 3:57
4. "Everybody's Fool" (Live)A. Lee, B. Moody, D. Hodges 3:40
5. "Thoughtless (Korn cover)" (Live)R. Arvizu, J. Davis, J. Shaffer, D. Silveria, B. Welch 4:37
6. "My Last Breath" (Live)A. Lee, B. Moody, D. Hodges 3:53
7. "Farther Away" (Live)A. Lee, B. Moody, D. Hodges 5:02
8. "Breathe No More" (Live)A. Lee 3:33
9. "My Immortal" (Live)A. Lee, B. Moody 3:38
10. "Bring Me to Life" (Live)A. Lee, B. Moody, D. Hodges 4:43
11. "Tourniquet" (Live)A. Lee, B. Moody, D. Hodges, R. Gray 4:17
12. "Imaginary" (Live)A. Lee, B. Moody 5:25
13. "Whisper" (Live)A. Lee, B. Moody 5:43
14. "Missing" (Studio version)A. Lee, B. Moody, D. Hodges 4:16
Total length:

DVD track listing

Music videos

  1. "My Immortal"
  2. "Everybody's Fool"
  3. "Bring Me to Life"
  4. "Going Under"

Behind the Scenes

  1. "Life On the Road"
  2. "Showtime"
  3. "Bloopers"
  4. "Evanescence Unleashed"
  5. End credits: "Missing"


  1. "Bring Me to Life" (Live in Las Vegas)


The only single from Anywhere but Home is "Missing", which was released to radio in 2004.



Evanescence have uploaded the majority of their Anywhere But Home concert to their official YouTube channel, excluding Thoughtless.

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