Rival Sons

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Rival Sons
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Rival Sons is an American rock band from Long Beach, California. Formed in 2009, they have released five albums and one EP. They originate from the reminants of a previous band of guitarist Scott Holiday. The band is known for extensive touring and their notable album release Pressure & Time. They are signed to Low Country Sound an imprint of Elektra run by Dave Cobb.

In an interview with MTV, Amy Lee said she "handpicked" the band to tour with Evanescence and The Pretty Reckless in 2011.

Vin1.jpg "Rival Sons: Actually, we picked because we really like their music," Amy Lee recently told MTV News. "[It's] sort of in that Zeppelin, trippy, awesome rock. They're really good!"

Having been on tour for the past month, Rival Sons have had plenty of interaction with the popular headliners.

"It's an honor to look over side-stage and see Amy is dancing," drummer Mike Miley gushed. "It's like, 'Holy cow!' "

Though their blues sound differs significantly from Evanescence's more heavy-metal rock, all members of Rival Sons agree that their set is being very well-received.

"Is it strange to see a dirty rock and roll band opening for Evanescence?" Holiday asked rhetorically. "We probably think it is, but the band watches us every night. They're a bunch of great people, and the fans have been great to us the whole time."

Buchanan added, "You come in with the advantage of being totally underestimated. You're guilty until proven innocent."[1]


Band Members


  • Jay Buchanan – lead vocals, harmonica (2009–present)
  • Scott Holiday – guitar, backing vocals (2009–present)
  • Mike Miley – drums (2009–present)
  • Dave Beste – bass, backing vocals (2013–present)


  • Robin Everhart – bass (2009–2013)


  • Todd Ögren-Brooks – keyboards, percussion, backing vocals (2014–present)


  • Before the Fire (2009)
  • Rival Sons EP (2010)
  • Pressure & Time (2011)
  • Head Down (2012)
  • Great Western Valkyrie (2014)
  • Hollow Bones (2016)
  • Feral Roots (2019)

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