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General information

Lyric sheet of "Dark Water", posted by Amy on Facebook.

Written by: A. Lee, D. Eggar and C. Palmer

Dark Water is the fourth track from Amy Lee and Dave Eggar's soundtrack album, Aftermath, written for the movie, War Story. It features vocals from world singer Malika Zarra; when asked about this in an interview, Amy stated:

Vin1.jpg I don't sing in Arabic. They were like "We need a song with a little bit of a world-music type thing," but ultimately, it didn't get used in the film. It's me and Dave Eggar and the other collaborator, his name's Chuck Palmer he did a lot of the percussion, engineering and producing a lot of the stuff. Anyway, he made this drum loop beneath this whole thing and we had a guy play an instrument called an oud, kind of like an old-fashioned lute or mandolin or something. And Dave, he was the leader of the whole thing, he's like "OK, we've got this world singer Malika Zarra, she's really cool and I'm going to go in the other room and you just get something cool out of her."

So I'm with this girl who has no idea who I am, and I'm like "I wrote some lyrics in English, and I know you speak Arabic, can you use these as a basis, just go in there and change the order, scat for as long as you can, just sing." So she goes in there, she's got a beautiful voice and she sang for like 20 minutes. We did it two times and I coached her on a few parts, to get more material, and then I took it home and let it live in my studio. I never saw her again, but as I just listened to her voice, I heard these really amazing moments, so I'd clip them out and move it down to the track. It was like cherry picking. It probably makes zero sense, it might as well be Sigur Rós. But to work with an artist in a capacity like that was really, really amazing.[1]


On August 18, 2014, Amy started a competition on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. People would post their favorite Amy Lee lyric of all time with the hashtag "#AmyLeeAftermath" and the winner received a signed copy of the original lyric sheet for "Dark Water".[2]

In 2015, the song was nominated for the "Best World Beat" category at the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards.[3][4] On July 16, 2015, it was announced the song won the award.[5]


Studio versions:

Dark Water

  • Recording date: 2013–2014
  • Status: Released
  • Released on: Aftermath (track #4)
  • Length: 3:29


(from image posted by Amy)

I thought I heard your footsteps
Coming up the stairs
But it was only my heart
Pounding in my ears

I thought I saw your light
Flicker in the window
But it was only my eyes
Reflecting my despair

And alone I will wander
Through the dark, dark water
Until I collect every shattered piece
of my broken heart
And wait for a reason to exist again

Lyrics in Arabic [6]

لحالي... بحالي في اليالي...
بحالي... بحالي سمعتك مشى.. جاي
وانا بحالي بحالي بحالي
(انا (...) وفي قلبي, وغير قلبي قيئ (لا) قيئ (لا
(انا (...) وفي قلبي, وغير قلبي قيئ (لا) قيئ (لا


lhaly... bhaly fy alyaly...
bhaly... bhaly sm'etk msha.. jay
wana bhaly bhaly bhaly
ana (...) wfy qlby, wghyr qlby qy'e (la) qy'e (la)
ana (...) wfy qlby, wghyr qlby qy'e (la) qy'e (la)


Alone, alone in the night
Alone, alone, I heard your footsteps
And it's only my heart
But it's only my heart...
But it's only my heart...


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  6. It should be noted that this was transcribed by fans and it's not the official translation from English into Arabic. The text in Moroccan Arabic was not understood even by Moroccan fans. Therefore, it is not excluded that Amy, in cutting and mixing the vocal part, only extracted vocalizations and scat or made the original Arabic text incomprehensible.