The Revolution of Cassandra

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The Revolution of Cassandra is a 6 volume graphic novel based on an award-winning screenplay by Eric D. Howell. The synopsis is as follows:[1]

Vin1.jpg Cassandra is the dread-lock & Birkenstock equivalent to Lara Croft. While caught in the crossfire of a raging civil war, this patchouli-wearing, humanitarian must save her tomboy sister from the firing squad by beseeching help from a right-wing gun-smuggler, and changes the entire course of the war by inadvertently starting her own revolution.

An action-romance in the tradition of The African Queen or Romancing The Stone. A female Don Quixote living life as it should be.

This is a story about using your voice for what you believe in, not screaming about what you’re against!


It was rumored that Evanescence and Veridia frontwoman Deena Jakoub wrote a song titled Use My Voice for the novel, which was registered on ASCAP in June 2020.[2] The song was released as the third single from The Bitter Truth on August 14, 2020.[3] Director Howell hinted at Amy Lee's involvement in the project in February 2020.[4] It was later confirmed by Howell that the song was inspired by his novel, whose Volume 1 was made available for free on October 20, 2020.[5]

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