Terror in the Haunted House

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Film published in 1958, called "My World dies Screaming" (later retitled "Terror in the Haunted House") known as the first Hollywood film making use of the "Flashing Subliminal Messages" technique[1]. At different points in this film, a skull is flashed to inspire terror, a snake to inspire hate, two hearts to inspire love, and large letters spelling out "blood" to create fear.

Evanescence used this technique too in their Sweet Sacrifice music video. In it, images of bones, skulls, houses, fires, and videos of the band performing are flashed at various intervals.

Quotes are used in both the songs Understanding and Origin:

Vin1.jpg You hold the answer deep within your own mind consciously you've forgotten it. That's the way the human mind works, whenever something is too unpleasant too shameful for us to entertain we reject it, we erase it from our memory. But the imprint is always there. Vin2.jpg
Vin1.jpg But the imprint is always there, nothing is ever really forgotten. Vin2.jpg
Vin1.jpg Death in its most hiddeous form. Vin2.jpg

  • Here is a sample recorded from the movie.

Notes and References

  1. Psychorama (or "The Precon Process") is the act of communicating subliminal information through film by flashing images on the screen so quickly that they cannot be perceived by the conscious mind. It's not been proved the effectiveness of these hidden messages yet.

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