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Lindsey Stirling

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Lindsey Stirling (Santa Ana, 21 settembre 1986) è una violinista, compositrice e ballerina statunitense. Lindsey è conosciuta per la sua versatilità nel suonare diversi generi musicali, dal country, all'hip hop. Nel 2010, all'età di 23 anni, Stirling è entrata nei quarti di finale della quinta stagione di America's Got Talent, dove si era presentata come Hip Hop Violinist.

Lindsey caricò nel suo canale ufficiale su Youtube una cover dal vivo di My Immortal il 31 luglio 2013[1].

Vin1.jpg Non solo amo la voce [di Amy] e la sua musica, ma amo il fatto che sia così incredibilmente- you can tell she's very creatively involved in her craft. Sai, you can just feel that about certain artists, and I can feel that with Amy in the work that she does. Vin2.jpg

Amy e Lindsey si incontrarono per la prima volta il 19 dicembre 2017, poco dopo il concerto di Lindsey a Portlad, Oregon, al quale Amy aveva assistito[2].



Nel 2017 ha partecipato alle registrazioni di "Hi-Lo", suonando la parte di violino durante il ponte. Episode four of Inside Synthesis features Lindsey in the studio recording Hi-Lo. Amy speaks about how she thought of Lindsey after talks of a guest featuring on the song took place;

Vin1.jpg Amy: We had a piece in one of the new songs that felt like it could use one more thing, and we talked about the possibility of having a guest and I thought of Lindsey right away. She's the very definition of somebody who doesn't fit inside of a box. She really paved her own path. I respect that so much. It's very interesting that we've never, like, met, because I think creatively we have a lot in common. Vin2.jpg

Dreams coming true, Summer 2018

Il 5 marzo 2018, Lindsey caricò un video in tutti i suoi social intitolato "Dreams coming true, Summer 2018", and the video featured Lindsey jokingly talking about being a "casual" Evanescence fan, with the camera panning out to band merch covering the walls as well as Lindsey wearing an Evanescence t-shirt and gloves. Her phone then rings with Bring Me to Life as her ringtone with text from Amy Lee saying "What are you doing this summer?", the screen then cuts to the Evanescence logo with the words "Summer 2018".[3] The next day Evanescence confirmed that they will indeed be touring with Lindsey in the Summer. The tour dates were posted for the United States and Canada which will take place from July 6th until September 8th.[4]. Per l'occasione, Lindsey e Amy andarono in onda su Facebook per un Q&A il 3 aprile 2018, dove entrambe risposero in diretta ad alcune domande poste dai fan riguardanti l'imminente tour.[5]

Love Goes On and On

In 2019, Amy Lee sang on the song Love Goes On and On from Lindsey's album Artemis.

Wasted on You (feat. Lindsey Stirling)

Then in 2020, Amy and Lindsey performed a special rendition of Evanescence's new single, Wasted on You.


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  • Shatter Me (2014)
  • Brave Enough (2016)
  • Warmer in the Winter (2017)
  • Artemis (2019)

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