Evanescence (Compact Cassette)

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Compact cassette by Evanescence
Recorded 1998
Label None
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Exquisite-kfind.png See also: Childish Intentions (demo cassette)

This cassette was tweeted by Amy Lee in 2010, describing it as "Ev's very first 'professional' recording".[1][2] "Solitude", the first song written for Evanescence, and "Understanding", the second song written for Evanescence, are the tracks on this cassette.[2]

It is possible that they are the same recordings shown on the Childish Intentions cassette that Ben posted in 2013, as they are similar in appearance, and contain a similar track listing. Amy did not name a Track 3 in her tweet, but the appearance in the photo suggests it. The name Childish Intentions was a temporary name used by Amy and Ben before they decided on the name Evanescence, and before the creation of the logo.

Track listing



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