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Diana Meltzer and Amy Lee after Evanescence's show in Verona, Italy in September 2019

Diana Meltzer is an American music industry executive. She is the owner of Monster Hits Music (founded in 2010), and was the head of A&R of the independent label Wind-up Records, which she co-founded with her ex-husband, CEO Alan Meltzer.

She helped sign Evanescence to Wind-up Records in 2001 after producer Pete Matthews played her their demos from Origin.[1] She said Lee's voice, lyrics and the gothic sound led her to sign Evanescence, and when she heard "My Immortal" she "knew it was a hit", loving Amy's performance in the song.[1][2] She told HitQuarters that, although Amy and Ben already exhibited huge talent, they were still young and she thought they would benefit from more time, and "given the time and opportunity they could deliver a breakthrough sound".[1] In 2006, Amy thanked Diana on The Open Door's liner notes for her support and friendship.

Although Evanescence left Wind-up in 2014, Diana remained friends with Amy and the band, and has attended some of their shows.

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