Danny Lohner

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Danny Lohner, frequently known as Renholdër, is an American musician. He worked with Trent Reznor on numerous occasions, both with Nine Inch Nails and on the now-defunct Tapeworm project. He has also played for Methods of Mayhem, and in the past was one of the founding members of industrial-thrash outlet Skrew, as well as one of the members of the Texas thrash metal band Angkor Wat.

Danny has worked with Amy Lee a few times, he was a part of supergroup, The Damning Well, and they had Amy record vocals for their song, Power, which ultimately wasn't released due to issues with Amy's management. He also had Amy record vocals for a few of the songs on the 2003 Underworld soundtrack, but they were cut from the final versions for the same reason.[1] Even though her vocals were cut, she was credited in the movie credits.

In 2012, he remixed Evanescence's song, Made of Stone, for the Underworld: Awakening soundtrack, with the help of Amy.[2]