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Automata is a print magazine dedicated to covering the underground music scene - with emphasis on industrial, goth, synthpop, ambient, experimental and related genres.

Automata 3.0

In 2001 Evanescence appeared in issue 3.0 of Automata Magazine, which was produced with 500 copies. The magazine featured a full page advertisement for Origin and a short review. Origin also came in at #3 in their Top 10 of 2000 chart. Later on, due to the popularity of Evanescence, this edition was completely sold out and somewhere around 2004-2006 a reprint of 500 copies was ordered with a slightly different layout on the CD (although the magazine itself and the content of the audio CD remained the same).

This is the review's content:

Vin1.jpg With musicianship and maturity that belies their youth, the members of Evanescence have developed a unique, powerful, and beautiful sound. After a couple very limited edition releases, Origin is the first widely available CD from the band. That development time was obviously well spent, as the result is quite impressive. Amy Lee's vocals, bearing resemblance of those of Sarah McLachlan, are simultaneously strong and lush. They provide the focal point for most of the songs, but the music supporting them is equally impressive. The next most prominent element is the driving guitars, found on almost every song. Seems like an odd combination, but they manage this union very well. The addition of a wide variety of other instrumentation, ranging in influence from classical to techno and from ambient to death metal, further emphasizes the band's abilities and uniqueness. As a result, Evanescence doesn't really fit into any particular genre; goth fans may relate to this the best, but any fan of very good, highly interesting music should be duly impressed. Vin2.jpg


Automata 3.0
Automata 3.0 (CD).jpg
Released 2001 (Canada)
Label Flaming Fish Music

The magazine was accompanied by a free compilation CD featuring a version of "Whisper" which merges the track "Origin" and the version of "Whisper" from the album Origin into a single 4:30 minutes track.

Track listing

  1. Level - "Restore"
  2. Evanescence - "Whisper"
  3. Cult of Jester - "Golgo 13"
  4. Sheltershed - "Coriander (Deep Disco Mix)"
  5. Voxis - "Razor's Edge"
  6. Indikator - "Fissure"
  7. Joy Electric - "The Ice Parade at Dawn"
  8. Massivivid - "Flesh: Wound (Activ8)"
  9. Substructure - "Elemental Confusion"
  10. Regenerator - "Battleground"
  11. Lode - "When the Stars Will Fall"
  12. A Different Kind of Cop - "14"
  13. Midiboy - "Razor Words (The Synth Sense Mix)"
  14. Temple of the Times - "Requiem for the Lost Children"
  15. Judean Radiostatic - "Shield (Red Mix)"
  16. Autumn's Descent - "Understand"
  17. True Colour of Blood - "Twilight State Dream"