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Rocky Gray
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Rocky Gray (born July 2, 1974 as William Gray) was the drummer for Evanescence from 2003 to 2007. After Fallen was completed, he was hired to play on the Fallen tour, along with the other tour players John and Will.[1] None of the tour players were part of the making of Fallen. He and John are friends of Ben Moody from Little Rock and were hired by Ben for the tour. In a 2003 interview, Ben said only Rocky could play on the next Evanescence album and John and Will weren't needed on the next album.[2]

He has been in multiple bands. Before he played live for Evanescence, he was a member of the bands Living Sacrifice and Soul Embraced. He made his first appearance with Evanescence playing drums on the 1998 track "Understanding" from Evanescence's first EP. Evanescence covered his band Soul Embraced's song "My Tourniquet" on Fallen (where it's titled "Tourniquet"). He co-wrote Soul Embraced's "My Tourniquet", playing its guitar, so he has a co-writing credit on the Fallen cover song.[3]

Rocky's close friends with John and worked with him when John was a lead singer in Killsystem. He also worked with John when John laid vocals on “Seems Like Forever” for Soul Embraced’s Immune album.

In 2005, Rocky launched a clothing line called 'CrimeWave Clothing'. He recorded drums on Evanescence's second album The Open Door (2006).

He officially left Evanescence on May 4th, 2007.[4] He had already decided to leave Evanescence in January (probably because he wanted to work on his projects). His contract with Wind-Up said that he had to finish the tour first and he wasn't allowed to publicize his plans about leaving.[4] When John was fired, he defied Wind-Up and publicized his leaving. Amy Lee explained the reasons for their departure:[5][6][7][1]

Vin1.jpg Here's the truth, when I said that John and Rocky both made it clear they were ready to move on, I meant it. They were very vocal about the fact that they didn't really care about evanescence at all, and just stayed around for the money. I knowingly let this negative energy grow within my band for a very long time because I was afraid of the appearance of falling apart, when in reality, trying to hold on to these guys is what was holding us back. I treated both john and rocky with nothing but kindness and respect, and I got nothing but jealousy and resentment in return. They were miserable. They are no longer playing with us because I love this band too much to see it driven into the ground. One little false fact that's been bugging me in the press about this — Rocky didn't quit. He never talked to me or our management at all... but he did tell most of the crew and the rest of the band that he planned to quit during the two weeks off after our shows in South Africa (during which I was getting married and would have no time to replace him).[6] Vin2.jpg

Rocky cited Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich and Kiss's drummer Eric Carr as his drumming influences.[8]

He is currently in 4 bands: Soul Embraced, Living Sacrifice, Mourningside, Fatal Thirteen and We Are The Fallen.


Rocky is currently endorsed by or uses ddrum, Sabian® Cymbals, Vater Sticks, Evans Drumheads, Schecter guitars and Basson Sound Equipment.

Crimewave Clothing, Diablo wheels and Fright-Rags clothing.

He is frequently featured in advertisements for the equipment he proudly uses.


Current Bands

Former Bands

Other Credits


  • Inner War [1] - Inner War (Producer, 1999)
  • Thy Pain [2] - More Than Suffering EP (Producer, 2002)
  • Fatal Thirteen [3] - Music From the Soundproof Torture Chamber (Producer, 2006)

Personal life

His immediate family includes his wife, Reneé, and his two kids, Abraham and Madison.