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The Lithium single was commercially released on January 9, 2007.


Status: In Print
Label: Wind-Up / Sony/BMG

UK CD1 features a photo of the band on the cover and a tracklisting on the back.

  1. Lithium [Album Version]
  2. The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
  • It is worth noting that there exist a few copies of this particular release that were packed with two or more insert cards, one inside the other (one fan even noted having 4 in his case!). It's unknown just how many of these exist. It would seem that it only happened every few ten/hundred times or so.

7" Vinyl Picture Disc

Status: In Print
Label: Wind-Up / Sony/BMG

The heavyweight vinyl picture disc comes in a stickered clear vinyl sleeve. Rumored to be a limited edition pressing of 2000 copies.

Side A: Lithium [Album Version]
Side B: The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
  • This is the 2nd vinyl release by Evanescence.
  • Though only a 7" disc, it is fairly thick and weighs 88g (3.10oz).

UK CD Two / International Maxi CD Single

Status: In Print
Label: Wind-Up / Sony/BMG

  1. Lithium
  2. The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
  3. All That I'm Living For [Live Acoustic Version]
  4. Lithium [Live Acoustic] (enhanced video)

Industry Promotional Releases

Various promo discs were produced and never intended for public sale.

Lithium Press Kit

Status: Out of Print
Label: Wind-Up/Colombia

The press kit featured a CD of the title track in a PVC sleeve with card insert. It also featured a press release. Sometimes, a DVD with the full promo video was included along with the kit.

Radio Promo

Status: Out of Print
Label: Wind-Up

A rare radio promo sent out to radio stations. The black screened CD featuring the Evanescence Logo and the track information comes in a plain jewel case with an insert card in the tray. The radio promos are becoming increasingly difficult to come by because many radio stations are switching to an electronic distribution format, thus eliminating the need for such items.

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