Anette Olzon

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Anette Olzon

Anette Ingegerd Olsson (born 21 June 1971), known by the stage name Anette Olzon, is a Swedish singer, best known as a former lead vocalist of Finnish symphonic metal band, Nightwish, from 2007 to 2012. She is also the former vocalist of Swedish classic rock band Alyson Avenue.

She said she is a fan of Evanescence, and would love to sing together with Amy Lee:

  • As you told me previously, that you were a fan of Evanescence, Tell me what did you like or catch the attention from The Band?

Amy's Voice, it sounds weird that a singer Like me, Admire A younger singer, But She's A Girl That Her voice it's beautiful, Shows a lot emotions in her songs, that inspire others, I have not had the pleasure of meeting her in person, she seems that is a very sweet & Kind girl, not all singers are like her.

  • Would you Like To Sing With Her?

Yes, I would love, I'm A Super Fan Of Her! Since years ago, Would be something great! I wish it were soon.

  • I've seen that many people compare Evanescence & Nightwish, What You Think About that?

The Bands That Are Completely Different, Different Styles & Different Music, is that many people resent the comparation, but I see nothing wrong, I admire Evanescence, because they Learned to get rid off the obstacles as well as I do with Nightwish.

  • Do you You admire amy lee professionally? What do you admire from her?*

Professional & personally, is a young person who has done much to her young age, It is no wonder, her altruism, her personality, I know Behave With Media & who never frown when asked anything, unlike always Have A Smile On Your Face & Always Go happy.

  • Which evanescence song will you choose from Evanescence to made a cover?

Sweet Sacrifice, Call Me When You're Sober, Going Under, Everybody's Fool, & from The New Album, Never Go Back, What You Want, My Heart Is Broken & Lost In Paradise.

-Anette Olzon [1]