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Band formed by Tuomas Holopainen, Erno "Emppu" Vuorinen and Tarja Turunen in 1996. The band has had six vocalists since their formation.

In a 2000s interview, former singer Tarja commented on Evanescence:

Vin1.jpg Some of the people who probably discovered Nightwish a couple of months ago, compare you a lot to Evanescence, which has pissed off a lot of your fans. They even compared the cover artwork of "Once" to that of an Evanescence single…

It was not meant to be like that, it did not have anything to do with Evanescence's cover. We just realized that afterwards, you know. Hey if people think that this is similar, so let them think. It has nothing to do with that really. I can also mention that when Tuomas heard Evanescence's music for the first time, he was completely pissed off. He was pissed off by the fact that it’s a totally different style (that of Evanescence) and because they had a woman singing and because it had a little bit of metal inside it…but it’s a totally different style and kind of music. People tend to compare our music to Evanescence and it’s very funny because there are not that many elements there that we have in common. [laughs]

I’ve even heard journalists even say that you’ve copied Evanescence and I was like “what the hell are you guys talking about?”…

Yeah, sure, sure…we’ve been around six years more than they have! [laughs] That was very funny of them to say.


Former singer Annete Olzon posted liking Evanescence's song Lithium on her blog.

In a 2007 interview, Amy Lee said about comparisons between bands:[1]

I don't know. I don't really listen to their music very much. I had like one song. I think that a lot of people compare bands that look the same, and there are definitely bands out there that are gothic and have female singers in them and rock sort of music but also classical. I seem to think that we're very different than any band I've ever heard. I've heard some bands that people compare to us a lot of times and [I] really thought there weren't that many similiarities. So, I don't know, I think it's all about the way you listen to it and what you take from the music.

Tarja opened for Evanescence in Slovakia on September 7, 2019. She commented on meeting Amy Lee:

Vin1.jpg Beautiful. It was really nice to meet with Amy - finally! You know it was the first time, the only time I've really met this beautiful soul. And yeah, we had a very short chat only because we were both very busy that day. I met her with her family there, we chit-chatted and talked about life. And I saw her during my show there rocking, I was also there during their show. Yeah, very nice to meet, absolutely, and I would love to meet her once again. Very soon, I really hope to see her. I wish her all the best. She's a sweetheart.[2] Vin2.jpg