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About Me

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Hello everyone. I'm called Marcio but people call me Marcinho. I'm 27 years old and I'm from São Paulo, Brazil. I have been a long-time fan of Evanescence (since early 2002, when all the material they had available for a non-local market was their Origin CD). Since 2006 I started being a bit more active on the internet with Evanescence world, being a member of the staff of a couple of Brazilian fansites and became a member and one of the moderators of Brazilian Street Team.

I've also been collecting Evanescence-related stuff such as singles, jewelry, concert tickets, guitar picks and everything like that. I already own a HUGE collection of official and fan-made stuff and because of that, sometimes I get to know a little bit more about such items and that's exactly what I aim at contributing to this site. I'll do my best to keep Evanescence Reference freshly updated both in English and Portuguese (my mother tongue, although there's already a website in charge of translating pages into Portuguese) with small pieces of information I may eventually find out.

I am also a media collector and have lots of full-lenght HQ concerts, rare videos and pictures as well as every single piece of music ever realeased (or not) by Evanescence (if not 100%, I might probably be veeery close to that) and I am happily willing to share all that stuff with you guys if you are interested. Just get in touch and you may find a long-distance penpal to talk about the band or just to chat about things.

Contact Info

My name is Marcio Ricardo Fernandes and you can find me through:

Interested In

  • Contributing and expanding Evanescence Reference;
  • Meeting new people.


  • Evanescence Singles;
  • All Sorts of Collectibles;
  • Songs Meanings;
  • Logos, Artworks & New Material;
  • Origin Era Stuff.