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More Information on the Third Album

There has been a a few more updates about the Third album from posts on Evthreads and interviews. I was wandering if it was appropriate to update this page a little more with what information such as style and musical direction.

For example this snippet from a post on Evthreads from Amy Lee

"I don't want to give away too much about what it will sound like, because so much will change before the end, but its... not what you would expect. Its definitely not happy married music, but its not like I'm dying the whole time either. Its dark, sarcastic, fun, strange, familiar and very different at the same time."

Theres also been some interviews with questions in regards to the bands follow up to The Open Door with more information on what them usic is going to sound like.

- Gunn

Can you add in the L&L is expected January - April 2009. The show is due to air around January according to Facebook Legends and Lyrics, DVD premieres at some point in April according to evthreads.

Thanks Shin

Album to be released through Virgin

This article ( says that the album will be released through Virgin. I would put it but I don't know how to put the tiny number that links to the source. Can someone else do it?

Thanks! ~ Evanescent.Night

  • It's very easy: Put <*ref>write the reference/link here</*ref> (without *) and it'll show up =). Read here: [1]

My Immortal [Love 4u] 12:47, 15 April 2010 (UTC)

To be honest I would not trust Karrang. there not listed on the Virgin website and they are still listed in the EMI website and the Wind up records website** Sparky 02:31, 19 April 2010 (UTC)

Wondering about lots of things

I had a odd moment when i read about that the third album would be put through virgin, would that mean they arnt with wind-up, or is it just another record label for international release. Also there seems to be alot of silence lately with the third album, i know last week terry and tim arrived in Nyc for recording, but theres nothing said for ages. Lastly i would like to change the format of the "Third Album" page, i think since were getting closer to the relase we should set it out more formally as if it has already been released.Like Fallen/The Open Door have one big description on the album, Then Track Listing and B-Sides (Add more tracks later just have the two that are officially confirmed as an Evanescence Album Project) Line-Up, Guests (Add more later).Just to give it a Album Page Feel.

Thanks - Mattyb97

Um I think what happened with that was it was a mistake. There not listed under the virgin website (the last time I checked), there listed under the EMI website and wind-ups website

and i think it may be a good idea to arrange the page to an album type page. Sparky 02:31, 19 April 2010 (UTC)

The man (woman?) has a good thought. Virgin could be an international release.

And I agree that we should change the format. I just don't know much about formatting on here... As said before. >.<

~ Evanescent

Thanks, ill start sorting the page out when i can, might take some time but it will be worth it. Thanks for answering :). (Im Male :P)

- Mattyb97

Suprisingly ive done it quite quick :) its all done and dusted, hope yas like it! Looks abit empty but as i said as we get more information it will look even better then it already is. Really hope you like it!

- Mattyb97

um there was a recent press release stating that EMI would be handling the international distrbution. Just thought I would say this. May need to look in evthreads for it Sparky 23:14, 19 April 2010 (UTC)

Random things I've done today

Ok, I added Hi-Lo to the track listing. Silly Matty forgot it. :p (I don't know why I'm acting so crazy. I blame the Pepsi.)

And are we sure Your Love is an Ev song and not an Amy song? I don't think it was confirmed...

And I think we should go ahead and add this page to the big box thingy that's at the bottom of all the pages with singles, members, and all that stuff. Xp

Also, I fixed a bunch of grammer and punctuation that were bugging me. Youg guys know how I like to do. ;)

Cheers! <3 Evanescent

Ha! I think you have done good with my grammer and punctual mistakes! And im not sure with Your Love, Terry did perform it with her,

and also she wrote it with Tim, So thats why i added it. Very supid of me missing out Hi-Lo!

And im just going to make pages for QuestLove, Steve Lillywhite and Will "Science" Hunt. Hope you check up on them :P

P.S: Your are really good with the references! Also Sparky!


Ive done Steve Lillywhite and QuestLove and added more to David Campbell, But there's not much about Will "s" Hunt to really say, make the page if you can :)


Cheers for the help! I'v added references for Hi-Lo and You've got alot to learn. It will be useful if somebody could find the references for Your love! I'v also changed track listings to Supposed tracks as we don't know if they are going to be on the album or not... for example your love. Sparky 10:56, 21 April 2010 (UTC)

I has another link with more info!!

<3 Evanescent