Nick Williams

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Nick Williams

In Evanescence's early days, Nick Williams was one of their live bass players.

On the unauthorized documentary film After Midnight, Nick Williams explained:

Vin1.jpg Really the band Evanescence at the time that I played with them was Ben and Amy. They had me on bass, Matt Outlaw on drums and Will Boyd on guitar. They had a demo they had already recorded, they had the music. I just took it home, learned my part, showed up and played it. Vin2.jpg

He is credited as a writer of So Close on Evanescence EP's liner notes.[1] "So Close" is a cover of a song from a band of the same name that disbanded before Evanescence covered it, and it's not registered on any music database, i.e. BMI or ASCAP.

In September 2019, he uploaded to YouTube what appears to be the first Evanescence live performance ever taped, dated January 1999, which took place at Vino's.


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