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Lacuna Coil, Karmacode promotional photo.
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Lacuna Coil is and Italian band formed in 1996 and led by Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro. This band is often mentioned, among a number of others, as sharing a similar sound with Evanescence. Their first EP was released in 1998.

Their most recent release came on April 4, 2006, with Karmacode. The album features the singles Our Truth, Closer, Whithin Me and a cover of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence. Ms. Scabbia is rumored to be a member on the Evboard.

This is what Cristina Scabbia had to say about Evanescence:

Vin1.jpg Last time I went on your website and on your forum, I saw terrible fights between your fans and Evanescence's. How do you manage this problem?

(Really laughing) I laugh about it! I think it's totally stupid. Sometimes people's life is so empty that they have to fill it with this bullshit. I mean, I don't want even think about it, to lose some minutes of my day to write stupid stuff. I think it's really funny to look at it because first of all, I don't see the reason. We belong to 2 different worlds; they are under a major, we are under an independent. We have 2 singers, they have only one singer. The approach is totally different. The music is totally different. I don't know why they just started this. If you go to America, of course they know better Evanescence, so they say that we are cloning them. In Europe it's the opposite. I actually read some interviews of Amy Lee in Europe and she was really pissed off. She was saying a lot of bullshit about us, probably because she's been answered so many times. But what about Lacuna Coil? Because people noticed similarities but we've been doing music since 1996!! So nobody can say that we copy them at all!

Amy Lee said bad things about Lacuna Coil? Yes, really bad things. This is something I totally don't understand. She's in the position that she sold millions of copies, so she doesn't really need to care about a small band compared to hers.


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