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Craft Recordings is a reissue label owned by Concord. It is specialized in reissues of Concord's back catalog, including Evanescence's back catalog from 2003 to 2011 that was sold by Wind-up Records to The Bicycle Music Company in 2013.[1] In 2015, the latter was merged with Concord Music Group to form the fully-integrated global music company called Concord Bicycle Music.[2]

In 2018, Lost Whispers was reissued as a stand-alone vinyl for Record Store Day.[3] The label has since reissued vinyl on the anniversaries of Fallen, The Open Door, and Evanescence for Record Store Day.

In celebration of Fallen's 20th anniversary, Craft Recordings reissued the album on November 17, 2023. Available on two-LP, two-CD, and digital formats — as well as a Super Deluxe Edition collector’s box set — Fallen (20th Anniversary Edition) offers newly remastered audio, plus bonus material comprised of live recordings and unreleased demos.[4] The demos will be part of a cassette tape on the Super Deluxe Box Set, which was originally going to be released in February 2024 but pushed back a week, to March 1st, due to production factors.

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