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Evanescence has performed many of their own songs acoustically. There is some debate as to which songs actually classify as acoustic since some of the tracks (i.e. Exodus, Breathe No More, etc.) were recorded just using piano, but as these were recorded in the studio with production, programming, etc., they are generally discounted. Here is a full list as it stands at the moment:


  1. Listen to song from Live Can also be found on the Lithium Single.
  2. Can be found on the Bring Me To Life DVD Single.
  3. Listen to song from Live Can also be found on the Call Me When You're Sober Single.
  4. One full recorded version is known to exist—a bootleg from an Evanescence/Seether acoustic show in Washington D.C right before the show in Maryland on 7/24/04. There is also a short sample of it that can be heard on the Anywhere But Home extra footage of Terry and Amy jamming the song.
  5. Can be found on the Going Under Single.
  6. Listen to song from Live
  7. Listen to song from Live
  8. Can be found on the Bring Me To Life DVD Single and the My Immortal German 3" (Pock-It!®) CD Single.
  9. A different acoustic version with different chord structures played at the same venue in Washington, DC as the full recorded acoustic of Everybody's Fool.
  10. It is presumed that Ben Moody played guitars on this track, but there are definitely two guitars heard - it was either layered over or there's somebody else playing with him.
  11. Listen to song (Evanescence EP outtake).
  12. No recording of this exists, as far as we're aware - it was played at the Kerrang album launch promo appearance in London (06 SEP 2006).