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The information for this page was provided by MrMellow. --DhammaSeeker 08:00, 3 January 2007 (PST)

I think there is also an acoustic version of Whisper, performed at Juanita´s, and if you look at Evanescence Discography,Whisper, Haunted and Good Enough are also listed. Would you comfirm these versions? Thanks. User: Whisperer... 18:55, 03/01/07

Indeed, I have a recording of the Juanita's show and Whisper was deffinitely played acoustically. The only thing close to an acoustic version I've ever heard of Haunted is the Sessions @ AOL version, but that was the full band 'live version.' Good Enough certainly does belong here, though. I've added both to the list. —Gyakusetsu 01/10/07 2:35 (MST)

Instead of explaining about studio acoustic tracks in the start of the article i think the article nam should be changed to "Live Acoustic Tracks" because that is what is focused on in the article