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A new fan forum started by Amy Lee after EvBoard transitioned to paid-only access due to cost issues and lack of band interest. Amy, Tim McCord, Rocky Gray and Terry Balsamo have posted.

See Fonts and Logos for information on the designs used in the logo.

The board was closed down on 8/1/2012 and the domain evthreads.com now redirects to the band's Facebook page. No reason was given by management regarding the closure of the site.


As of January 3, 2011:

  • Threads: 11,516
    • Posts: 1,079,129
  • Members: 11,463
    • Active Members: 845
  • Admins: cagtane, freshbreak, Gaile, sparkart
  • Board Moderators: Carmen, DeMarzi, FivebyFive, Gunn, Gyakusetsu, Hollee, lowercountry, LuckyStar, McBunbunz, PaleIsBeautiful, Sas, Sithis

EvThreads Operator: SparkArt, LLC

-To see a list of all moderators, see the Show Groups page.
-The usernames for Amy, Terry and Tim are SnowWhite, Terry, and Tim respectively.

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