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Jonny Fabulous!
Dark Horse King
Name Jon Pye
Date of Birth June 2 1991 (16)
Location Shrewsbury, England, UK
Ocupation Student, Actor, Song Writer,

Magical Pixy!

The king to those who are not clear to the understanding; nowhere near easily seen through; very obscure; very mysterious and very hidden.

Is a dork!

Articles Written by Me

Favourite Songs

All That I'm Living For
- When I finally expressed my inner emotions and people were understanding me after all I've seen

- No comment

Bring Me To Life
- My struggles "coming out"

Everybody's Fool, Forever You, Lacrymosa & Sweet Sacrifice
- About an old friend

Good Enough
- When I finally became happy with my life =) And also about my best friend

- Exactly how I was feeling growing up

Lose Control
- Everyone always sees me as a "goodie goodie" and to be honest...I am =P And there are times where I just got to lose control just once

Snow White Queen
- Internet stalkers...Grrr =P

- Fear of coming out to my family

Weight of the World
- Family

I have connections to every Evanescence song but these are my most personal connects. That is the main reason I love Evanescence so much - I am a complete reflection to their music.