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The Name of The Sister

For those of you who are not sure as to why the name of amy's sister is not included in this page, here is a quote from Blender Magaziene:

"Lee has been mostly evasive about where her angst springs from. In the ’80s, her parents, John and Sara, moved around among several states. While still in their twenties, they started a family. First came Amy, and then, three years later, a little sister. Amy adored her. In 1987, when Amy was 6, her sister contracted an unidentified illness and died at age 3. Even now, Lee says, doctors have been unable to explain exactly what occurred...

...Lee’s gray-blue eyes fill with tears. Her voice wobbles. The kids at the next table stop slurping their drinks. She says she won’t reveal her sister’s name, because it would be too weird to see it in print. It would upset her mother, she says, and — you never know — fans might try to find her grave. But listen to the song “Hello” on Fallen, and you feel the grief."

Subliminal Message

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When played backwards, the part of the song "...I'm not sleeping, Hello, I'm still here..." very distinctly says "He hurts me all over. Hear me, it was not me." This is not intentional by the band, however it is NOT the only phrase that can be heard when Evanescence's music is played in reverse. (To hear for yourself, click here to view a You're The Man Now Dog page with the phenomenon).
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