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Good Enough additions : page locked?
:Done... I was deleting it while you were typing this talk... --[[User:Gerard armando|Gerard Armando]] 07:11, 9 October 2007 (PDT)
== Good Enough additions : page locked? ==
I have just made some scans of the second promo cd of Good Enough and a Sony promo DVD with the clip and making of the clip, but I noticed the Good Enough page is locked.
What would you like to do: give me access, have me send the pics to you or just leave things for now?
BTW I think the current promo should not be marked as radio edit since it does not say so on the promo and the second promo does have it mentioned. If the version on the first promo is different from the album version I would suggest calling it an edit version to distinguish the 2 promo versions.

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