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International Promotional Single: Added Spanish version
With the release of [[Anywhere But Home]], the bonus track, Missing, was released internationally to radio stations for airplay and not released for public sale (though it quickly found its way on eBay). The single had elaborate artwork that made the disc highly collectable. It is rumored that only a few thousand of them exist.
Internationally, two formal instances of the single exist in addition to an Australian and Spanish press release. Both the Euro and Brazilian items (below) were scanned using the exact same equipment and are un-edited:
=== European Version ===
'''Status: Out of Print'''<br>
Image:MissingAusBack.jpg|Back Artwork/Press Release
Image:evanescence-missing-aus-promo-cds-1tr-f.jpg|Back without Press Release sticker
=== Spanish Press Kit Version ===
'''Status: Out of Print'''<br>
'''Label: Sony Music Studios'''<BR>
''' ''none'''''<BR>
Spanish Press Kit produced by Sony Music Studios. The cardsleeve has a sticker with the band name and the track name. The cdr also has a sticker with the same info.

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