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Fonts and Logos

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Logos throughout the years
<BR>-Has an altered 'A' character with an extended right leg. Used only on the [[Anywhere But Home]] cover, but when the [[The Open Door]] era came around, it began getting used everywhere from the album cover to t-shirts and stickers. Can easily be derived from the 'Evanescent' (as tweaked by Gyakusetsu) font by typing the characters "EVön+escéncç" (I know its weird, but you've gotta trust me that it works).
<BR>[[Image:evNEWlogo.png|400px|The New, Altered Logo]]<BR>
==Japanese Logo==
The logo designed for use on Japanese releases of [[Fallen]] and [[The Open Door]]. It phonetically spells the word as 'ebaanesensu' since there is no 'v' sound in the Japanese language.
<br>[[Image:EvJapan.png|50px|Japanese Logo]]
==Circular 'e' Logo==

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