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Fonts and Logos

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The Open Door Era
==The Open Door Era==
===The Last Font I'm Wasting On YouHoefler Text (Bold)===
[ The Last Font I'm Wasting On You] ([ Mirror]) (by Gyakusetsu)
<BR>-Used The official font used for the track listings on the back and lyrics pages of the album. File also contains an accurate 'e' logo and "the Open door" cover logois called Hoefler Text (Bold). The REAL font is a hand-modified collection from the Storm Jannon font family that is not publicly available.<BR>[ Monotype Corsivafamilies-21-jannon Storm Jannon font family] (The Monotype Corporation)<BR>-Used on international releases of The Open Door when a lowercase typeface was preferablethat is not publicly available. If you use the capital letters from '''The Last Font font I'm Wasting On You''is a fan-made font that is fairly accurate, though not official by any means. The .ttf file also contains an accurate ' e' logo and "the lowercase letters from Monotype Corsiva, you get the desired effectOpen door" cover logo.  See the example of the unofficial [[Call Me When You're Sober]] logo:
<BR>[[Image:Cmwyslogos.png|300px|Call Me When You're Sober]]<BR>
Versus the official [[Call Me When You're Sober]] logo:
<BR>[[Image:CmwyslogoOfficial.png|300px|Call Me When You're Sober]]<BR>
===Goudy Old Style===
Goudy Old Style (Italic, Regular, Bold) (Microsoft corp.)

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