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Fonts and Logos

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The Thorny Design
<BR>The thorny logo like what surrounds the album title for [[The Open Door]] and surrounds the 'e' logo in the tray of the album. Also appears on the [[Call Me When You're Sober Single]].
<BR>[[Image:thornydesign.png|214px|The thorn logo from the ToD Era.]][[Image:ethornydesign.png|200px|The thorn logo from the tray of The Open Door.]]<BR>
====EvClub Logo====
The logo as can be seen on []. The fonts used are the standard ''Evanescent'' font and a variation on ''Kozuka Gothic Standard (L)'' (which is bundled with Adobe® Creative Suite 2 and ''not'' freeware) that has been skewed so that the characters are approximately 80% normal width.
<BR>[[Image:Evclub.png|214px|The EvClub Logo]]

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