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The Chain

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Evanescence filmed the music video for ''The Chain'' on December 3, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee and it was directed by [[Paul R. Brown|P.R. Brown]]. A few days prior to filming, the band had an unfortunate incident at [[Knotfest|Knotfest Mexico]] where they had to cancel their set due to safety concerns with a broken barrier. This caused outrage within the crowd, and some of them proceeded to jump on the stage and destroy the equipment, including burning [[Will Hunt]]'s drums. This inspired the band to include a set of burning drums in the music video.<ref>{{cite web|last=Lee|first=Amy|date=December 1, 2019|url=|title=Now I find myself wondering...|work=Twitter}}</ref>
The video was released to YouTube on January 9, 2020<ref>{{cite web|last=|first=|date=January 8, 2020|url=|title=Our new video for “The Chain” comes out Thursday!|work=Twitter|accessdate=}}</ref>, and this is what Amy and P.R. brown had to say about the video:
'''P.R. Brown:''' The goal of the video is to show the bond of this band as they deliver a powerful take on a classic song. The tie in with Gears 5 presented an opportunity to combine the game world together with the band performance in a post-apocalyptic setting. The band emerges from the ashes to come together. We wanted to bring these worlds together and feel both the force of the band and the game.<ref></ref>}}
Directed by: [[Paul R. Brown|P.R. Brown]]
Produced by: Steve Lamar
Production co: Bau-Da Design Lab, Inc.
Edited by: P.R. Brown
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