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The Chain

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{{quote|For me, a cover has to be really different from the original. There has to be a new thought, new idea, new perspective. Otherwise, I'd rather just go listen to the original. So a cover idea for me usually comes out of loving a song, and having a desire to hear it differently. I've referenced this a lot but one of my favorite covers that taught me that idea is Tori Amos doing Smells Like Teen Spirit. In a new light, after Kurt's tragic death, hearing those words sung back in full, clearly and slowed down, with a new voice of loss- changes the whole feeling of the song from angst, rage,even fun- to incredibly heartbreaking. Hearing it back that way makes you zoom in on what he was saying in a totally different way. This is what drew me to this song. When I heard what Bobby Tahouri had started, the feel was so vastly different from the original, it was like a new song. Dark, vibey as hell, instantly I was drawn in. And right away I imagined the full band coming in and throwing down our current sound on that idea. Once we got the go ahead to do whatever we wanted, we just made it our own. We all jammed out in a room together and created an arrangement, then we started recording, and building and building and building till we were all satisfied. It was a blast!<ref>[ I am Amy Lee from Evanescence, our new song “The Chain (from Gears 5)” is out tonight! AMA] (November 21, 2019)</ref>}}
Amy was initially invited to record a short version of the song for the traileras a solo project, <ref>{{cite web|last=Titus|first=Christa|date=December 16, 2019|url=|title=Amy Lee on 'The Chain' Cover and Next Evanescence Album: 'We're Definitely in the Mood to Rock'|work=Billboard|accessdate=}}</ref> but then she saw the dark, cinematic direction the producer was taking with the production which made her want to record the full song with the band.<ref>{{cite web|last=|first=|date=November 25, 2019|url=|title=Behind the Game Spotlight: Amy Lee||accessdate=}}</ref>
Amy confirmed on Twitter that ''The Chain'' will get a music video. She jokingly stated "Now I find myself wondering if we need a flaming drum kit in The Chain video" after the incident at [[Knotfest|Knotfest Mexico]].<ref>{{cite web|last=Lee|first=Amy|date=December 1, 2019|url=|title=Now I find myself wondering...|work=Twitter}}</ref> The video was filmed on December 3, 2019 and some pictures on set were posted by [[Jen Majura]], [[Tim McCord]] and [[Will Hunt]]. The band and [[P.R. Brown]] posted [ pictures of a burning drum kit] on set, confirming that P.R. has directed the video. Evanescence have confirmed that the music video will be released on January 9, 2020.<ref>{{cite web|last=|first=|date=January 8, 2020|url=|title=Our new video for “The Chain” comes out Thursday!|work=Twitter|accessdate=}}</ref> 

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