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Blackout Merch (2018-)
|-id="Ladies T-Shirt"
|<center>[[Image:LadiesV-Neck.jpeg|150px]]</center> || Ladies Synthesis V Neck T-Shirt || Black form fitting t-shirt with ''Synthesis '' album art on front.
|-id="Synthesis T-Shirt (Unisex)"
|<center>[[Image:SynthesisGraphic.jpeg|150px]]</center> || Synthesis T-Shirt || Black t-shirt with ''Synthesis '' graphics on front. Reads "Evanescence-Synthesis".
|-id="Synthesis Tour Summer 2018 T-Shirt (Unisex)"
|<center>[[Image:TourT2018.jpeg|150px]]</center> || Synthesis Summer 2018 Tour T-Shirt || Black t-shirt with ''Synthesis '' promo logo on front. Features 2018 Summer tour dates.
|-id="Creation T-Shirt"
|<center>[[Image:Creation_T.jpeg|150px]]</center> || Synthesis Creation T-Shirt || Black t-shirt with ''Synthesis '' graphics on front. "e" symbol has a burning effect.
|-id="Half Face Mineral Wash T-Shirt"
|-id="Limited Edition T-Shirt"
|<center>[[Image:Faded_E_White_T-Shirt.jpg|150px]]</center> || Faded 'e' Logo T-Shirt || White t-shirt with faded black/grey and '"e' " logo. This is a Limited Edition Shirt that was sold on Evanescence's official website in 2018. Expected ship date being Sept 20, 2018 for those who pre-ordered the shirt.
|-id="Vertical Logo Tank Top"
|<center>[[Image:2019summertourTank.jpeg|150px]]</center> || Vertical Logo Tank || Black "spaghetti strap" tank with signature Evanescence '"e' " logo and vertical '"Evanescence' " logo on back. From the Summer 2019 tour.
|-id="Blue Stack Junior"
|-id="Fading Grey T-Shirt"
|<center>[[Image:GreyShadowed.jpeg|150px]]</center> || Fading Grey T-shirt || Grey uni-sex T-shirt with cascading blue classic logo fading with a shadow feature at the bottom. From the Summer 2019 tour. |}
==Outerwear Gear==
|-id="Long Sleeve 2018 Summer Tour Shirt"
|<center>[[Image:LongSleeve2018.jpeg|150px]]</center> || Long Sleeve Summer Tour Shirt || Long sleeve shirt. ''Synthesis '' promo logo is grey. 2018 summer tour dates.
|-id="Black Zip Hoodie"
|<center>[[Image:2018ZipHoodie.jpeg|150px]]</center> || Zip Hoodie || Black zip hoodie with ''Synthesis '' promo logo on front left breast and 2018 summer tour dates on back.
|-id="Black & White Stripped Beanie"
|<center>[[Image:BlackWhiteStrippedBeanie.jpeg|150px]]</center> || Black & White Stripped Beanie || Black and white stripped beanie with green '"e' " logo.
|-id="Christmas Sweater"
|-id="Knitted Arm Warmers"
|<center>[[Image:B%26W2019ArmWarmers.jpeg|150px]]</center> || Knitted Arm Warmers || Black and white stripped knitted arm warmers with embroidered with '"e' " logo.
|-id="Stacked Zip Hoodie"

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